PAGENINETYNINE: Virginia Outfit To Reunite To Benefit Local Arts And LGBT Causes; Magic Bullet To Reissue Out-Of-Print Document 7 LP

pg99live_crop_byfil[photo by Fil]

Defunct Virginia-based PAGENINETYNINE will reunite for a week of special shows this September to benefit regional arts and LGBT causes across the East Coast. In addition, Magic Bullet Records will be repressing a couple of the band’s records for the occasion, including the long out-of-print Document 7 LP.

The Dixie On The Road reunion tour will see PAGENINETYNINE out with their close friends Majority Rule for seven shows in September. Running from September 21st through September 27th, with shows in Richmond, Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, two shows in New York, and a closing show in Boston, the proceeds from the shows will benefit the Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project, Casa Ruby, 901 Arts, Juntos, New Sanctuary Movement NYC, New York Legal Assistance Group, and Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Action Coalition.

PAGENINETYNINE The Dixie On The Road benefit/reunion tour w/ Majority Rule:
9/21/2017 Broadberry – Richmond, VA [info]
9/22/2017 St. Stephen’s – Washington, DC [info]
9/23/2017 901 Arts – Baltimore, MD [info]
9/24/2017 First Unitarian Church – Philadelphia, PA [info]
9/25/2017 St. Vitus Bar – Brooklyn NY [info]
9/26/2017 Goldsounds – Brooklyn, NY [info]
9/27/2017 Great Scott – Boston, MA [info]

In conjunction with the tour, Magic Bullet Records will be repressing the 15th anniversary edition of the split LP with Majority Rule and the out-of-print Document 7 LP, now as a co-release with guitarist Mike Taylor’s Yr Screaming Youth label. Magic Bullet Records will also be making Document 7 available digitally and on all streaming platforms for the first time ever, while Yr Screaming Youth will be doing the same for cassette format. In the spirit of the tour itself, both PAGENINETYNINE and Magic Bullet Records will be donating the digital proceeds from all three albums they’ve done together to charitable causes each quarter.

Document 7 is a unique piece in the PAGENINETYNINE catalog. Five songs in length, it plays out over the course of 25:26 with two tracks right around a minute apiece (1:18 and 1:08), one clocking in at 4:05, and the other two being much longer at 7:50 and 10:59 apiece. Despite the varying song lengths, the tone is rather consistent in its overall brooding darkness. Recorded by Mike Bossier at Oblivion Studios in the spring of 2000, Document 7 was originally released on CD via the now-defunct Happy Couples Never Last label. Magic Bullet Records initially issued the album on LP format in July of 2002.

The Document 7 release will see its digital rebirth on August 11th; digital preorders are now available HERE, with physical preorder links and street date to follow.


Document 7 Track Listing:
1. Living In The Skeleton Of A Happy Memory
2. Del Mundo Lleno de Rocio
3. The Mangled Hand
4. Love Goes Tisk… Tisk… Tisk…
5. A Sonnet To Both Ugly And Murderous

PAGENINETYNINE (also often listed as pg.99) began in earnest out of Sterling, Virginia in 1997. Over the course of the following six years, the band would go on to issue thirteen recordings with friends’ record labels and tour numerous times around North America and Europe with friends’ bands in tow for each journey. The band practiced a staunch, DIY-based, punk rock ethic that eschewed all traditional music industry practices and tactics. The band’s mantra of “Love your friends… die laughing” indeed marked the ethos by which they carried out every facet.

Magic Bullet Records was fortunate to have worked with the band for three of their records: Document 7 (a studio album), Document 10 (a live split album with WAIFLE), and Document 12 (a split studio album with Majority Rule). Each of these projects stemmed out of the friendships formed on the road, as all of these bands (along with Crestfallen, Darkest Hour, City Of Caterpillar, Strike Anywhere, and Corn On Macabre) played together and toured together countless numbers of times, and shared members constantly.

After disbanding in May 2003, there was a brief weekend in 2011 where PAGENINETYNINE decided to perform at Best Friends Day in Richmond, Virginia on August 26th and at Black Cat in Washington, DC the following day. Outside of that, it was largely assumed that the band was completely finished… and then the 2016 Presidential election happened. Rather than hashtag their feelings on it, talks began to center around doing something active and in the exact spirit of the Virginia/Washington DC punk and hardcore scene that the members of PAGENINETYNINE originally found their own voices in. 2017 will see the band once again take it out on the road with friends and labelmates Majority Rule for one week of shows wherein the proceeds from each performance will be entirely donated to a local charity in the very town where the show occurred.

PAGENINETYNINE Document 7 Personnel:
Blake Midgette – vocals
Chris Taylor – vocals
Mike Taylor – guitar
George Crum – guitar
Mike Casto – guitar
Cory Stevenson – bass
Johnny Ward – drums