ORANSSI PAZUZU: Finnish Black Metal Experimenters Release Track At Pitchfork

As the blindingly innovative Valonielu — the sophomore LP from Finland’s cult cosmic black metal experimentalists ORANSSI PAZUZU — nears split release on 20 Buck Spin in North America and Svart in Europe in mid-October, today Pitchfork unveils the first single from the album.

With ethereal elements infiltrating a stabbing, frigid blackened stomp, the opening elements of Valonielus fifth track, “Olen Aukaissut Uuden Silmän (I Have Opened A New Eye),” is the perfect introductory sampling of the celestial expansiveness of the boundless ORANSSI PAZUZU‘s utterly creepy delivery. Possibly the most straightforward of the six expansive songs on the album, while jagged blasts and blitzkrieg attacks appear intermittently, the majority of the track’s crushing mid-paced thunder runs rampant with a frigid, unwavering destructive trajectory. Along with the song, the cover artwork for Valonielu, crafted by Costin Chioreanu / Twilight 13 Media has also been released for the first time.

Explore the visionary violence of “Olen Aukaissut Uuden Silmän,” at Pitchfork RIGHT HERE.

Valonielu will be released on both CD and LP via 20 Buck Spin in North America on October 15th preceded by the European release via Svart Records on October 11th. Until now a known entity to only the most attentive and adventurous of black metal fans, ORANSSI PAZUZU has sharpened their songcraft into a more succinct and salient statement, formidably invoking ’90s era Darkthrone, yet boldly reaching farther out into the multiverse of the psych and ExperiMental side they have always inhabited. Valonielu offers a vibrant, colorful cataclysm of psych, space rock and black metal that cannot be easily categorized as any one particular genre or any single influence.

Valonielu Track Listing:
1. Vino Verso
2. Tyhjä Tempelli
3. Uraanisula
4. Reikä Maisemassa
5. Olen Aukaissut Uuden Silmän
6. Ympyrä On Viiva Tomussa