ONSLAUGHT Unveil First Video In Twenty Years Via Metal Injection Today

A world premiere of the brand new video from UK thrash legends ONSLAUGHT is available via online video juggernaut Metal Injection now!

The title track to the band’s brutal new studio album, the video for “Sounds Of Violence” is ONSLAUGHT’s first official video in twenty years, the last being from the band’s 1990 full-length In Search Of Sanity. “The Sound Of Violence,” stated ONSLAUGHT vocalist Sy Keeler “was inspired by the horrendous loss of over 150,000,000 souls throughout the 20th Century, instigated by religious tyranny and dictatorial madness of humankind. The lyrics echo the horrific realities of war and remarkable resistance endured by our fellow men and women which continues to this day. Wake up world; welcome to a land of devastating brutality where conflict is a part of everyday life. This is the Sound Of Violence.” The video was filmed and edited By Lukas Hambach of Bloodwork Entertainment (Destruction, Gamma Ray) and produced by Tommy Morriello and Thosten Lütje.

Tune in to Metal Injection to see the new video now!

ONSLAUGHT’s fifth studio album Sounds Of Violence was released in North American in early February via Germany’s AFM Records. The now critically-acclaimed album falls perfectly in line with their massive 2007 comeback album Killing Peace, yet broadens the classic ONSLAUGHT style once again, helping the band maintain an original edge. Recorded and produced in the renowned Hansen-Studios (Destruction, Heathen, Mercenary), the blazing record boasts ten brand new original tracks, as well as a cover of Motörhead’s classic “Bomber,” featuring guest appearances by Phil Campbell (Motörhead) and Tom Angelripper (Sodom).

ONSLAUGHT members Sy Keeler and Nige Rockett are available for interviews to North American journalists via Earsplit anytime via phone or email. Please get in touch for more information, and stay tuned for more ONSLAUGHT updates as the band prepare to assault North America full-on later this year!

“…this is as good as metal gets… 10/10” – Ultimate Guitar

“…a massive dose of skull-crushing metal with first-rate guitar work and angry lyrics.” – About.com

“It’s as violent musically and conceptually as it’s predecessor… put this on your ‘must buy’ list for 2011.” – Hellride Music

“…the darkest, meanest sounding and heaviest album in their career. 4/5” – Metal Rules

“…Onslaught’s finest effort. Everything comes together here, from the thick buzz saw riffs to the deft songwriting and arrangement. 5/5” – Dangerdog

“…easily Onslaught’s best album and a must-have for thrash-heads. 4.5/5” – The New Review

“…a collection of songs that not only stand up to their already-impressive legacy, but in fact build on it. 4.5/5” – OneMetal

“…a relentless, well-crafted and fresh-sounding metal record… 4.5/5” – The Metal Register