PALE CHALICE Track Premieres Today Via Stereogum

Today, offers the public a first listen to black metal horde PALE CHALICE’s upcoming debut EP, Afflicting The Dichotomy Of Trepid Creation. Set for release on March 8, 2011 via San Francisco-based The Flenser Records, the EP clocks in at over 28 minutes in length, its’ fierce blend of classic Scandinavian black metal putridity and harsh American ferocity displaying the young outfit as a contender for one of the heaviest bands in the Bay Area scene.

CLICK HERE to be engulfed by the blazing opening track from the EP, “Transplant Of Dimensional Recourse,” posted at Stereogum now.

With just a few local shows under their belt over the past year, the band have already amassed a strong local following. Now unleashing their wrath upon the planet with the release of Afflicting The Dichotomy Of Trepid Creation, this is surely just the beginning of the PALE CHALICE legacy.

“The quarter-speed punk riffs floating amid the other blacker ambiance on that one wins it for me, but other folks might be more impressed by an American black metal band going for an orthodox sound with no “post”‘s attached.” – Stereogum

“The whole thing is just mind blowing… Beyond effective, beyond affective. 10/10” – Funeral Rain Zine

“…it takes only a spin or two before one truly realizes how much thought and effort has gone into the songwriting; it’s really a satisfying feeling.” – Metal Army America

“…Pale Chalice makes it clear that they don’t intend to fit in with the Satan-and-spikes school of black metal, even if their sound is heavily influenced by the Norwegian heavy hitters of the early 90’s. Instead, they opt for something stranger, more atmospheric, and, at times, downright ethereal… 4.75/5” – The Metal Register

Review copies of Afflicting The Dichotomy Of Trepid Creation and interviews with PALE CHALICE are available to journalists worldwide via Earsplit anytime. Stay tuned for more news on PALE CHALICE as well as other upcoming releases from The Flenser…