NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST: Third Album From Polish Grindcore Commandos, Sailing The Seas Of Nuclear Waste, Out Today On Selfmadegod Records

Sailing Seas Of Nuclear Waste, the third album from Polish grindcore commandos NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST, is out today through Selfmadegod Records.

NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST debuted in 2015 with the Mutant Inferno demo and has since been serving their rabid grindcore with clear influences of thrash metal and punk. Their catalog includes various compilation inclusions, two prior albums, split releases with Leb Prosiaka, Expurgo, and Straight Hate, and more. The band has played numerous shows, sharing the stage with Conflicted, Nuclear, Avulsed, General Surgery, Antigama, Trauma, Dead Infection, Blockheads, Warfuck, and numerous other acts within the world grind scene.

The third full-length of this savage foursome, Sailing Seas Of Nuclear Waste shows NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST executing sixteen raging songs, nearly none of which crack the two-minute mark with many not even hitting sixty seconds. Recorded in one day in August 2022 at Skog Vegas Studio, engineered by Paweł Chyła, Sailing Seas Of Nuclear Waste is an intense grindcore feast recommended to all diehard savages who regularly visit the damaging records of Excruciating Terror, Rot, Phobia, Blood Duster, P.L.F., and Captain Cleanoff.

Embark on an endtime voyage with NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST’s Sailing Seas Of Nuclear Waste RIGHT HERE.

Sailing Seas Of Nuclear Waste is out now on CD and digitally preorders at the Selfmadegod Records webshop HERE and Bandcamp HERE.