NAUGHT: Debut From Phoenix Black/Doom Act Playing At No Clean Singing; EP Sees Release At Southwest Terror Fest This Week


The self-titled debut from Phoenix black/doom metal outfit, NAUGHT, will arise through Battleground Records this weekend, with a limited edition release of their self-titled debut recording set to hit this month as the band raids the fourth annual installment of Southwest Terror Fest. In advance, the entire EP is now playing through No Clean Singing.

NAUGHT was born into obscurity in 2013, formulating a morose and primal brew of metal with dark poetry infused into the music and artwork as the lyrical and thematic basis for each movement, inspired by nature, death, loss and suicide. The self-titled introductory release from the horde reveals no aspects of the members’ identities, rousing listeners to delve into the grim passages. Four extensive movements drag the listener through a caustic and punishing journey through the blackest abscesses of existence with hypnotic, droning expanses permeating from within the downtuned, suffocating, suffering insanity.

No Clean Singing is hosting an early stream of the entire Naught EP, offering, “The members of the Phoenix band Naught have not disclosed their identities. The odds are high that they are human, but the music leaves room for doubt, for it is terror made manifest, doom made palpable – frigid, desolate, and harrowingly inhuman.” The praise continues, “Formed with titanic, vibrating riffs, thundering drum strikes, and malignant ambient sounds, NAUGHT‘s music is ponderous and impervious to light. When they accelerate their typically slow, solemn pace, it’s to mount skull-shattering stomps or the almost mechanistic rhythms of a devilish dis-assembly line. And the vocals are terrifying shrieks, so piercingly high and excruciating as to straddle the boundary between (barely) human and phantasm.”

Experience the anguish of NAUGHT’s self-titled debut via No Clean Singing RIGHT HERE.

Naught will be released through Battleground Records with limited pressings of 50 tapes and 100 CDs. The record will be unveiled at the NAUGHT‘s performance at Southwest Terror Fest Vol. 4 in Tucson, Arizona this Friday, October 16th, where they’ll play alongside Graves At Sea and Bongripper, and digitally the same day. Digital preorders include an instant download of “Firmament; Alight,” and are available HERE. The track is also playing as part of an eighteen-band Southwest Terror Fest mixtape playing at Cvlt Nation HERE.

10/16/2015 Club Congress – Tucson, AZ @ Southwest Terror Fest w/ Bongripper, Graves At Sea [info]

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