ZEBRAS: Wisconsin Caustic Hardcore Psychos Begin Midwestern US Tour


Wisconsin’s ZEBRAS will traumatize the Midwest this week, beginning a week-long live attack tonight. The latest stretch of dates will run through next Tuesday, October 20th, the ZEBRAS unloading their hammering brand of stripped-down, punk-infused metallic hardcore thunder to thrill-seekers in Chicago, Detroit, Madison, Milwaukee, Madison and Columbia. Along the way the outfit will share the stage with Pelican, Headless Honchos, Golden Torso, Kriegs Legion, Shitlife, Jon Mueller, Coward, KEN Mode and Lo-Pan for two nights, Haymarket Riot and New Tongues for two nights, and more.

ZEBRAS’ new LP The City Of Sun is streaming in its rampaging entirety at THIS LOCATION.

10/15/2015 Red Line Tap – Chicago, IL w/ Headless Honchos
10/16/2015 Small’s – Detroit, MI w/ Golden Torso, Kriegs Legion, Shitlife
10/25/2015 The High Noon Saloon – Madison, WI w/ Pelican, Jon Mueller
11/03/2015 Cactus Club – Milwaukee, WI w/ KEN Mode, Lo-Pan
11/04/2015 Dragonfly Lounge – Madison, WI w/ KEN Mode, Lo-Pan
11/19/2015 Cafe Berlin – Columbia, MO w/ Haymarket Riot, Coward, New Tongues
11/20/2015 Quenchers – Chicago, IL w/ Haymarket Riot, New Tongues

Featuring members of Those Poor Bastards and Call Me Lightning (French Kiss/Revelation Records), the hardcore crossover miscreants in ZEBRAS, manifest a traumatic sound of societal scorn, wrath and disease. A blood-boiling concoction of punishing drum demolitions, bowel shaking bass, chainsaw guitars, confrontational shouts, and enough volume to raze a nation, ZEBRAS don’t fuck around. Swathed in vexing tales of the occult, ancient texts, and lesser known military operations, the band’s second full-length, The City Of Sun was released in July via Secret Records, the album recorded at Howl Street Recordings in Milwaukee by drummer Shane Hochstetler (Call Me Lightning, Multiple Truths, Haymarket Riot etc.) and mastered by Carl Saff (Pencil, Lustre King, Windmills By The Ocean etc.) in Chicago.

Cvlt Nation exclaimed, “this Midwest metallic hardcore horde are ready to trample your unsuspecting eardrums with their pummeling beats and buzz saw riffs!” Issued American Aftermath of single “The Turning Of The Bones, “The new tune conjures fierce, spiraling riffs that assault the ear drums mercilessly. The track almost sounds a Slayer song played by members of Botch.” Selective Memory issues of The City Of Sun, “Funneling pure punk hardcore saccharine into the sweaty machine that is ZEBRAS, the band’s sophomore album ups the ante of pushing to the limits of time and style. The guitar structure sends as many people into a head banging fury as there are pit jumpers. ‘Hollow Earth’ is that battle cry that will get your attention. Forget the warm up, start running because it is nonstop all the way through. The City Of Sun is simply riot inducing and will pump up your circulation with the adrenaline this band possesses. Add a well-oiled production and mastered release and you will hear a hardcore album at the top of its element.” About.com concurs, “It’s an angry amalgamation of metal, hardcore and thrash. The songs are generally fast and aggressive with thrashy riffs, hardcore groove and a punk attitude. They manage to infuse melody into the chaotic arrangements as well. The production is raw, as are the yelling/screaming vocals. They slow the tempo a little bit periodically… but the intensity never wavers.”

The City Of Sun is out now digitally, on CD and LP, the vinyl version in two color variants: 400 black vinyl copies and 100 special hand-numbered preorder copies on color vinyl both including digital downloads. For ordering options click HERE or HERE.