MORNE: No Clean Singing Debuts To The Night Unknown Full-Length From Boston Doom/Sludge Collective; Record To Drop Friday Via Armageddon Label

Photo by Hillarie Jason

“…staggeringly heavy. The weight, however, comes from far more than the mountainous low-end tone …and the bone-fracturing impact… The music is wounded, and emotionally wounding…” — No Clean Singing

No Clean Singing is pleased to unveil To The Night Unknown, the long-awaited new full-length from Boston-based doom/sludge collective MORNE. Now just days away from its official release via Armageddon Label, the follow-up to 2013’s lauded Shadows long player was captured at New Alliance Audio Productions by Jon Taft (Since The Flood, On The Might Of Princes), mixed by Taft and MORNE, mastered at Audiosiege by Brad Boatright (Mournful Congregation, Abstracter, Integrity, Obituary), and includes the photography and design of Hillarie Jason.

Elaborates No Clean Singing of the towering release: “To the Night Unknown is a monster of an album. It’s almost an hour long, which is a behemoth by modern standards, and the music is also staggeringly heavy. The weight, however, comes from far more than the mountainous low-end tone of the music and the bone-fracturing impact of the sound when the band lock all the instruments together to carve your skull with primal grooves. The music is wounded, and emotionally wounding, and Milosz Gassan’s vocals are so shockingly raw and ragged that the pain in the words becomes an agony you feel in the places where you hurt the most. The lyrics often seem like a wrenching conversation with another person. They’re full of imagery – of shattered days and shattered nights, of dying light and encroaching darkness, of deep rivers and shadowed roads, of winter ice and burning fire, of blood and pain. The music, as well, channels moods of crushing despair, of wounds that won’t stop bleeding. The riffs torque the tension (the opening of the album’s title track sounds like a vise tightening against bone and a sander grinding against tough sinews) and they suffocate hope; the melodies moan; the leads shiver and simmer in a fever; the solos wail and scream…”

Read more and hear MORNE’s To The Night Unknown at No Clean Singing at THIS LOCATION.

To The Night Unknown will be released on 2xLP, CD, and digital formats on September 7th. Preorders are currently available at:

Next month, MORNE will play two special shows in Brooklyn and Boston respectively supporting Tribulation and Black Anvil. Additional performances are in the plotting stages. See confirmed dates below.

MORNE w/ Tribulation, Black Anvil:
10/12/2018 Elsewhere – Brooklyn, NY
10/13/2018 Brighton Music Hall – Boston, MA

Forged in 2005, MORNE is a heavy, atmospheric band based in Boston, Massachusetts. Their style blends doom metal and classic British crust but stretches beyond those boundaries, combining a bleak lyrical style with driving riffs. MORNE‘s sound would become synonymous with that of early Neurosis while integrating influences from the likes of such bands as Bolt Thrower, Discharge, Swans, and Joy Division. The band has toured the US, Canada, and Europe, and has been part of large festivals such as Roadburn, Hellfest, and Psycho Las Vegas.

“It’s no simple task to take all of the darkness–and entities hiding in the darkness–in, as the album is gloriously lengthy. The length itself adds to the truly epic feel of the record. The band paints and paints their dark landscape until they’ve made something to explore and come back to time and time again, looking for something new. Their incorporation of diverse musical components helps ensure something will be found and the album will remain fresh.” — New Noise Magazine

“From punching guitars and blasting drums to commanding vocals and brilliant atmosphere, Morne has filled this album with everything even the most discerning metal connoisseurs desire.” — Overdrive Magazine

“…wonderfully twisted and bleak music…” — Two Guys Metal Reviews

“…to those who appreciate textures and expanse in their metal, MORNE has perfected their craft with this record. To The Night Unknown is a coherent mosaic that transcends the trappings of a single genre to become something more than a sum of its parts.” — Neufutur

“The band is known for bringing at atmospheric quality to their music. This comes, not from ambient noise and background effects, but by letting things develop slowly enough that the music simply sinks into the mind…” — Sea Of Tranquility

“Doom done right… Heavy and bristling with intensity.” — Rock And Roll Fables

“…dark, direct, but subversively complex.” — Treble

“…surprisingly and satisfyingly scary. Not in a death-metal, gore-and-horror kind of way, but in a way far more nightmare inducing. Like spying a blurry Victorian figure wielding a club on a dark country road, for instance.” — Echoes And Dust