MANY BLESSINGS + PULSATILE TINNITUS Split-Collaborative Album To See Release Through Anti-Corporate Music


Anti-Corporate Music presents a tumultuous split/collaborative album which merges the works of harsh/ambient noise acts MANY BLESSINGS and PULSATILE TINNITUS. With an hour of menace, the release leads with a monstrous collaborative track, after which two individual tracks from each artist take turns dousing the listener with their tortured auditory attacks, creating a seamless excursion in droning noise.

Denver, Colorado’s MANY BLESSINGS is the creation of one Ethan McCarthy of decimating low-end sludge/metal trio Primitive Man. With this outfit, he delves into the tortured realms of harsh noise, with swirling, monolithic tones and layers of scathing effects. With several singles/remix projects and an album having seen release in digital and/or cassette format since 2015, McCarthy delivers his most demoralizing solo tracks yet with this title. Following the collaborative lead track, “Many Tinnitus,” MANY BLESSINGS offers the nearly eight-and-a-half-minute “Isolated” and eleven-minute “Everything Against You.” McCarthy also handled the artwork for the release.

Nashville, Tennessee-based PULSATILE TINNITUS is the solo project of one Kayla Phillips. Known for her explosive vocals fronting grindcore outfit Bleed The Pigs, with this outfit the artist explores more ambient and spacious soundscape textures and waves of harsh noise. Since 2015, she has independently created and released a plethora of digital singles and albums, yet her work here is at its most expansive and crucial. Phillips follows the collaborative opening song offering “An Echo For The Future To Take Care Of” and “Bloodworm,” each clocking in over twelve minutes in length.

The MANY BLESSINGS + PULSATILE TINNITUS album will see cassette and digital release on August 9th. Preorders are live at the Anti-Corporate webshop HERE.

Watch for music from the album and more to be posted in the coming weeks.

Track Listing:
2. An Echo For The Future To Take Care Of (PULSATILE TINNITUS)
3. Isolated (MANY BLESSINGS)
5. Everything Against You (MANY BLESSINGS)