LAVISHER: MetalSucks Premieres Video For “Gesture” From Chicago Alt-Rock Quartet; Series Of Singles Continues To See Release Through Nefarious Industries

photo by Lena Jackson

Chicago-based alt-rock quartet LAVISHER presents “Gesture,” the second in a series of three new singles being released this year through Nefarious Industries. A psychedelic video for the new track has been exclusively premiered today at MetalSucks.

LAVISHER’s sleek riffs and time-bending grooves have drawn comparisons to Failure, A Perfect Circle, and Queens Of The Stone Age. Their darkly uplifting songwriting is composed of minimalist poetry, textured guitar work, and focused drumming. The band has released an EP and one full length since the project’s inception in 2017.

In February, LAVISHER released the first single in the series, “Reverie,” which was subsequently remixed by Adam Stilson (New Canyons, Solemn Youth), and now they present the second in the series, with “Gesture.”

Along with the other singles, “Gesture” was recorded and mixed by Pete Grossman at Bricktop Studios and mastered by Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters. The single’s striking cover art was created by Luis Perez Banus, and its vibrant corresponding video was created by Bernie McGovern.

LAVISHER’s Gavin Cushman writes, “This track, though ultimately coming from a place of empathy, was generated from witnessing futile acts of blind faith that without a doubt lead to division. It’s a call to relinquish control, and to embrace uncertainty. The world is chaotic with only one certainty; Anything that has a beginning, has an ending.”

McGovern offers his interpretation and inspiration for the visuals, “A gesture may express a feeling of love, hate, or the wild spectrum of human experience between and beside. Finding religion can lift a spirit from the deepest sorrow, with stories, poems, and songs born in the joy of epiphany. A tribute to love.  But when turned to usefulness, control, and empire management, something horrible emerges. Hands trade scriptures in the most painful of gestures, bad faith. It is to turn a child into a dividing force, a weaponized relic, beautiful as a stillborn butterfly. Its legacy is a cycle of exploitation and catastrophe. What gesture can describe its features? What song can escape the pit of that despair?”

MetalSucks writes with the video’s premiere, “‘Gesture’ is a melodic track that flirts with their heavier tendencies before washing back over the band’s more reserved side.”

Tune in to MetalSucks now to watch LAVISHER’s “Gesture” video RIGHT HERE.

“Gesture” will be released across all digital platforms next Friday, October 21st through Nefarious Industries where the “Reverie” single and more is available HERE.

Stand by for a remix of “Gesture” by Sanford Parker to be issued in time for Halloween and hear the “Reverie” remix HERE. The third single in the series will see release in the months ahead, while LAVISHER continues to create their new LP for release next year.

11/11/2022 Cobra Lounge – Chicago, IL w/ Lark’s Tongue, Asphodel Wine, Cloud Cruiser [info]