JAVIER AREAL VÉLEZ: Prepared Guitar Kit Unboxing Video Posted; rrrrrrrrrr tKtK Solo Album From Argentinian Experimental Guitarist Out Now On Nefarious Industries + Remix Album Confirmed

photos by Alejandro Held

Buenos Aires-based experimental guitarist JAVIER AREAL VÉLEZ released his debut solo album, rrrrrrrrrr tKtK, through Nefarious Industries this Summer. The seven songs on rrrrrrrrrr tKtK were performed entirely on prepared electric guitar. All pieces are improvised; there are no overdubs.

In conjunction with its release, a prepared guitar kit was offered, including random objects used in the guitarist’s unconventional playing style – nine hand-selected objects that one can use to expand the sound of the electric guitar, based on some of the preparations used in the making of rrrrrrrrrr tKtK. The items are housed in an electrical outlet case (which itself doubles as a preparation) and includes a copy of the rrrrrrrrrr tKtK CD.

A brief unboxing video for one of these kits, which are still available for sale, has been posted to give curious listeners an inside look at the unusual package and the instructions hand-written by the artist.

View JAVIER AREAL VÉLEZ’ prepared guitar kit unboxing video RIGHT HERE.

The musical approach of JAVIER AREAL VÉLEZ relies heavily on a primal technique that emphasizes timbre and rhythm and avoids traditional forms in favor of intensity and dynamic contrast. The physicality of his interactions with the guitar creates estranged and unstable sonic entities that evolve haphazardly, free of preexisting genres, blurring the edges of his instrument, playing from a standing position while moving around and using just a few objects or preparations (pieces of wood, metal, rocks) to attack and alter the guitar’s sound. His sound goes through a pair of pedals to a large amplifier at max volume. This setup allows him to exploit the sonic spectrum to its limits, spontaneously recycling errors and unexpected sounds.

rrrrrrrrrr tKtK was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Carlos Quebrada in Buenos Aires throughout 2019 and 2020, and completed with artwork by JAVIER AREAL VÉLEZ. To further the exploratory reach of the record, AREAL VÉLEZ also collaborated with renowned Argentinian artist Gabriel Rud to create the first full videoclip for rrrrrrrrrr tKtK which features an evolving 3D VR animated landscape built to watch on your phone or portable device to fully experience its multidimensional qualities.

Stream and purchase JAVIER AREAL VÉLEZ’ rrrrrrrrrr tKtK and the prepared guitar kit and watch the “poonG” 3D/360 video at Nefarious Industries RIGHT HERE.

Watch for additional upcoming videos from the album to be issued shortly and stay tuned next year for a remix version of rrrrrrrrrr tKtK to be issued digitally through Nefarious Industries.

JAVIER AREAL VÉLEZ is a composer, improviser, and curator who performs mostly on electric guitar, with or without objects stuffed among its strings. He’s part of Calato, a loud (free and scored) noise improv outfit, and bizarre electronic experimental pop duo Kyse. Past commitments include post-punk trio Coso and weird songs band El Helicoptero. As an improviser, AREAL VÉLEZ has collaborated with countless artists from different parts of the world such as Audrey Chen, Nicola Hein, Shayna Dunkelman, Axel Dörner, Brian Chase, Violeta García, Chris Pitsiokos, Jorge Espinal, Andrew Drury, Paal Nilssen-Love, and Jack Wright. Over the last decade, he has toured intensively across South and North America, Europe, and Japan.