ISKRA: Victoria Black Metal Collective’s CD Release Of Ruins Out Now Via Southern Lord; Massive Canadian Tour Underway

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Southern Lord’s CD version of ISKRA’s Ruins is out now, as the Victoria, British Columbia-based anarchist black metal collective is currently embarked on their widespread Canadian tour.

With nearly forty cities on the itinerary between July 5th and August 12th, the Anarchy Attack… Canadian Destruction Tour 2016 marks ISKRA‘s first full coast-to-coast tour of the country and includes five days in the maritime provinces, and their first major tour of their native country since 2004. The tour also features appearances at Spider Fest (formerly Spider Acres) in Meyersburg, Ontario and Evil Fest in Sainte-Angele-de-Merici, Quebec.

ISKRA‘s Anarchy Attack… Canadian Destruction Tour 2016 comes in conjunction with the CD release of their latest album, Ruins, out now through Southern Lord. Following the band’s independently-released vinyl version, the new CD will feature a digipak layout with a twenty-page booklet featuring all lyrics and liner notes.

Southern Lord’s CD issue of ISKRA‘s Ruins is now available HERE.

ISKRA On Tour Now:
7/08/2016 Emmedia Gallery – Calgary, AB
7/09/2016 Clints Haus – Edmonton, AB
7/10/2016 Amigos Cantina – Saskatoon, SK
7/11/2016 Grimwood Forest – Wellman Lake, MB
7/12/2016 The Handsome Daughter – Winnipeg, MB
7/13/2016 TBA – Thunder Bay, ON
7/14/2016 The Moose Lodge – Sault St. Marie, ON
7/15/2016 The Asylum – Sudbury, ON
7/16/2016 Spiderfest 2016 – Meyersburg, ON
7/17/2016 The Doors Pub – Hamilton, ON
7/18/2016 Coalition – Toronto, ON
7/19/2016 The Spill – Peterborough, ON
7/20/2016 Funeral Home – Ottawa, ON
7/22/2016 Evil Fest – Sainte-Angèle-de-Mérici, QC
7/23/2016 Maniac Mansion – Fredericton, NB
7/24/2016 The Esquire – Moncton, NB
7/25/2016 Baba’s Lounge – Charlotte Town, PE
7/26/2016 The Rawdawg House – Truro, NS
7/27/2016 The Khyber – Halifax, NS
7/29/2016 The Temple – St. Catherines, ON
7/30/2016 EVAC – London, ON
7/31/2016 Dominion House – Windsor, ON
8/01/2016 Dbeatstro – Toronto, ON
8/02/2016 The New American – Sault Ste Marie, ON
8/03/2016 TBA – Thunder Bay, ON
8/04/2016 Peak Community Center – Brandon, MB
8/05/2016 The Handsome Daughter – Winnipeg, MB
8/06/2016 The Mercury – Regina, SK
8/07/2016 TBA – Lethbridge, AB
8/08/2016 Vern’s – Calgary, AB
8/09/2016 Clints Haus – Edmonton. AB
8/10/2016 Record City – Vernon, BC
8/11/2016 38 The ALF House – Vancouver, BC
8/12/2016 TBA – Victoria, BC

Almost two decades into their journey as ISKRA, this Canadian collective stands out as staunch advocates of anarchism, and reject all forms of oppressive mainstream ideologies such as communism, fascism and democracy. To underline this, they coined their unification of extreme punk anger and black metal “anarchist metal,” separating themselves from other acts deemed as “extreme” or “radical” but lacking conviction or real menace. It is certainly evident in their vitriolic offensives that they mean business, but most impressive is the sharp, refined songcraft that makes Ruins a compelling black metal record regardless of your political (dis)orientation. The constantly shifting tremolo riffs and blasting drums are some of the most devastating and aggressive you will hear, and fans of Absu and early Immortal will find plenty to enjoy – ISKRA exerts overwhelming levels of energy and brutality in Ruins, outpacing and outwitting the vast majority.

ISKRA has toured across scores of countries with countless acts operating in various subsects of underground punk and metal, and have built up a fearsome international reputation, demonstrated by their heavy patch presence on the battle jackets of the true. A wealth of DIY and independent label releases trails behind them, with numerous albums, splits and demos all available to download for free from their website in accordance with their principles.