Musician-Specialized Social Networking One-Stop Adds To Its Already Powerful List Of Services

Launched earlier this year by Unearth guitarist Ken Susi and his brother Paul, Intonation-Network — is a free, user-friendly, location-based social networking site that allows musicians and music industry professionals to connect and collaborate online. This site does not attempt to replace other social networks, but instead allows for the consolidation of all your multimedia from other social networking sites into one place.

Among its host of services, the Intonation-Network allows musicians to: showcase their music, promote events, cconduct online auditions, find local teachers and/or musicians with whom to collaborate, consolidate all your multimedia from other social networking sites and even video chat with with other musicians from around the world!

Due to the steady influx of new Intonation-Network users, several new enhancements have been added to the site to make for a more enjoyable, user friendly and beneficial networking experience. These include:

A Weekly Summary Of Happenings – This will alert users about Intonation-Network happenings related specifically to their profile including announcements when new members/bands in your specific area sign up, when friends upload new music, videos and photos, when friends you know from Facebook have signed up and the number of people who have “liked” or “commented” on you or your band, etc.

Events – This is a weekly notification of upcoming events in your area (or globally depending on your desired setting).

Members Seeking Bands/Bands Seeking Members – This notification works in two ways:

1. If a user signs up or changes their profile indicating that they’re looking for a band, an email will be sent to bands seeking musicians (provided the person plays an instrument they’re looking for, etc).

2. If a band flags their profile saying they’re looking for a musician, an email will go out to all musicians seeking bands (provided they’re a match…i.e. play an instrument they’re looking for, etc). These emails go out nightly, but only if new people/bands of interest are detected.

In addition, there’s a new FREE mobile app for Android phones available HERE.

Intonation-Network is revolutionizing networking between musicians and music business representatives. It’s the perfect way to be discovered. Don’t miss out!

For more information about Intonation-Network, visit:

Facebook users, point your browser HERE.