END OF LEVEL BOSS: London’s Relentless Rock Unit Releases New Video

Britain’s purveyors of eccentric rock and roll, END OF LEVEL BOSS, have just released a raging new video for the track “Thee Absurd,” the fourth song from the outfit’s newly-released third album, Elkectric.

Instead of utilizing a well-known major rock video producer to capture their vision on film, the band went full-on D.I.Y. and filmed it themselves… only themselves. “The video was actually made by taping our cell phones to the wall of our jam room while we played” states END OF LEVEL BOSS‘s founding guitarist/vocalist Harry “Heck” Armstrong.

Check out the homemade action here:

Recently released via Exile On Mainstream Records, the END OF LEVEL BOSS trademark sound is magnified with even more free-flow surprises on Eklectric. Introducing a new rhythm section from previous releases, EOLB‘s flurry of angular, post-punk angst goes head-to-head with a progressive, technical attack, the album surging with nearly 54 minutes of relentless rock. Somewhere along the lines of “Kyuss meets King Crimson,” END OF LEVEL BOSS have branched into new directions, capturing the live energy and punk attitude of the band, with elements of Motörhead and Voivod smashing their way through the surface.

Promos of Eklectric, as well as interviews with END OF LEVEL BOSS via phone, email, fax, telegraph, Morse Code and Carrier Pigeon are available to the North American media now.

“End of Level Boss‘ nuanced technicality and righteously heavy tonality remain intact, as the track “Thee Absurd” from Eklectric shows.” – The Obelisk

“End of Level Boss sound like End of Level Boss, which is a compliment in and of itself. They have their own sound and their myriad genre crossovers invite fans in rather than shut them out.” – About.com

“… ten varied yet consistently excellent blasts of rock, freely experimenting yet never losing the listener.” – Metal Reviews

“…forget about using glitches or cheat codes; they will do nothing to weaken this twisted monolith waiting at the end of the experimental side of the doom/stoner metal alcove.” – Thrashpit