Become A Featured Member!

Launched earlier this year by Unearth guitarist Ken Susi and his brother Paul, Intonation-Network — is a free, user-friendly, location-based social networking site that allows musicians and music industry professionals to connect and collaborate online.

The Intonation-Network allows musicians to showcase their music, promote events, conduct online auditions, find local teachers and/or musicians with whom to collaborate, consolidate all your multimedia from other social networking sites and even video chat with with other musicians from around the world!

The site is now hosting a special featured members/band section to the site. Prominently display your talents on the Intonation-Network home page for all to see! Becoming a featured member is easy: simply attract users to your profile page and watch you or your band rise to the top of the list. To learn more about this feature, visit the Intonation-Network home page and click: “How do I become a featured member?”

As previously reported, there’s a new FREE mobile app for Android phones available HERE.

For more information about Intonation-Network, visit:

Facebook users, point your browser HERE.