INTERSTITIA: Debut Full-Length From Ambient Electronic Act Streaming At Captured Howls; Ever Onward Ever Inward Sees Release Tomorrow Via Pax Aeternum

Instrumental ambient/electronic solo outfit INTERSTITIA will release its debut full-length album, Ever Onward Ever Inward, tomorrow through Pax Aeternum.

INTERSTITIA is the solo work of Asheville, North Carolina resident Graham Scala, a punk/hardcore lifer who has played with the likes of Souvenirs Young America, Highness, Forensics, and others, and is currently a part of Harmonic Cross, Bleach Everything, and more. When not collaborating with other acts, Scala routinely works on material at home, some of which has previously manifested to the outside world in the form of Ventoux, and now, INTERSTITIA.

Captured Howls writes in part with their advance album stream, “these entirely instrumental songs share minimal but utterly striking experimental electronics work that delivers pretty captivating texture and atmosphere simultaneously. There’s a cloud of peaceful ambiance that covers this whole work, and at the same time, Scala has populated the underbrush of his music with a whole array of truly interest-grabbing musical progressions and thereby made his album feel like it packs something new and exciting around every metaphorical corner.”

Hear INTERSTITIA’s entire Ever Onward Ever Inward via Captured Howls at THIS LOCATION.

Ever Onward Ever Inward will see release through Pax Aeternum tomorrow, Friday, July 26th. Place orders HERE.

Watch for additional updates on INTERSTITIA including an official video from the new album and more to be issued shortly.

Following the recent release of the Sunreturn EP and “A Negative Peace” single, Ever Onward Ever Inward is the first proper full-length album from INTERSTITIA. Instrumental, electronic, and truly worldly in nature, the album is a cohesive piece sure to uplift the spirit and inspire productivity. With Scala handling all instruments, samples, noises, treatments, and manipulations, the record was mastered by Conway Jennings and completed with artwork by Dan Owen.

Scala offers of Ever Onward Ever Inward‘s release, “This was the first album I’ve made where I felt completely unconstrained. Though it’s not my initial release in this genre, it’s the first where I felt comfortable with the tools at hand. Working on my own allowed me to operate with no deadlines or limitations, which was extremely important as I’ve been learning how to make these sounds as I go with no real guidance other than that provided by trial and error. The album is one baby step down a path I’m still learning how to navigate but the freedom involved in making it helped me create what’s probably the closest to an unfiltered version of myself that I’ve ever been able to craft.”