TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM: Decibel Magazine Streams “Oscillazione Ipnotica Profonda” By Italian Black Metal Act; Anorexia Obscura Album Nears August Release Via Debemur Morti Productions

Following a decade of silence, Italian black metal outfit TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM returns with their fourth full-length opus, Anorexia Obscura. With the album nearing August release through Debemur Morti Productions, its vicious third track “Oscillazione Ipnotica Profonda” has been issued through an exclusive premiere hosted by Decibel Magazine.

With forty minutes of frozen, mystical black metal spread across seven diabolical hymns, Anorexia Obscura is the first recorded output from TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM in over a decade. With his latest work, founding member and multi-instrumentalist Atratus reveals black visions of demented afflictions of mind and soul, of inhuman experiments amidst cold silicon and sharp steel tools. Primeval in spirit but with practiced precision, Anorexia Obscura is a new pinnacle of genius for TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM.

Decibel Magazine writes with the “Oscillazione Ipnotica Profonda” premiere, “It’s been over a decade since Italian black metallers TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM delivered their last full-length LP. But a good ten years away from the record rack has done nothing to soften their vicious second-wave inspired black metal attack… Anorexia Obscura will melt faces and char already-blackened hearts on August 30th when it is unleashed via the unstoppable Debemur Morti Productions.”

Stream TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM “Oscillazione Ipnotica Profonda” through Decibel Magazine at THIS LOCATION.

Anorexia Obscura will see release August 30th on for CD, LP, and digital formats. Find preorders at Debemur Morti’s European webshop HERE, the North American shop HERE, and Bandcamp HERE.

Watch for further details on Anorexia Obscura and news on TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM‘s return in the weeks ahead.

On TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM‘s Anorexia Obscura, a unique electro touch is infused into the music, the album shining an illuminating light upon the grim atmospheres, equanimous structures, and raw dissonance found within the band’s output. A dark simulacrum comprised of razor-sharp discordant riffing, cold electronics, and an absolutely unhinged vocal performance strides over frigid blast beats provided by Chimsicrin of Gorrch. Anorexia Obscura is wrapped with artwork and design by Antithesis and Cold Poison, appropriately displaying the aura of this harrowing new album. Anorexia Obscura is highly recommended for fans of Darkthrone, Burzum, and Bethlehem.