IIVII: Noisey Premieres “Black Galaxy” From Ambient New Space Project Featuring A Storm Of Light’s Josh Graham; Colony Full-Length To See Release Next Month Via Consouling Sounds


IIVII is the new intergalactic solo project formulated by visual artist, multi-instrumentalist and composer, Josh Graham. In contrast to the dirgier yields of his other musical ventures, with IIVII, Graham focuses on sonically engulfing and ethereal soundscapes, layered with a science-fiction edge. It’s an approach that has allowed Graham to expand upon his sonic body of work and traverse new electronic territory, focusing on the subtle orchestration and manipulation of dense comic-styled atmospheres, rather than the bombastic approach found in his primary band, A Storm Of Light.

Titled Colony, IIVII‘s seven-track debut will see release via Consouling Sounds this Fall. As a precursor to its unveiling, today Vice’s music arm, Noisey, delivers fifth movement, “Black Galaxy,” in all its empyrean glory.

Issues Graham of the number, “As this project is a big departure from anything I’ve done in the past, ‘Black Galaxy’ steps a little further into electronic territory than I thought this album would get. It’s the result of trying to find that driving energy, but keep the focus ambient and somehow still ethereal.”

Adds Noisey of the latest journey, “Josh Graham’s A Storm Of Light project focused on the dirge and purge of doom, punk and more, following in the footsteps and expanding on the teachings of his alma mater, Neurosis. Now with his new project called IIVII, Graham delves deep into uncharted territory to explore dark synth soundscapes and ambient. The new track, perfectly named ‘Black Galaxy’ and featuring an astronaut-like figure on the artwork, sounds like the score for a trip into the great black beyond.”

Wander the “Black Galaxy” with Noisey at THIS LOCATION.

And you can still sample the unearthly modulations of sixth movement, “On The Shores If Markarian 335” courtesy of Cvlt Nation at THIS LOCATION.

Portraying a dilapidated space colony in view of Saturn, the artwork was also completed by Graham, who currently serves as art director to Soundgarden, and has also worked with many bands including Neurosis, Jesu, Shrinebuilder, Sleep, Vattnet Viskar, and Isis. A founding member of Red Sparowes and Battle Of Mice, Graham currently plays in A Storm Of Light, and has made appearances with Jarboe, Blood And Time, Tombs, Syndrome, Fallen Black Deer, and Tribes Of Neurot.

IIVII live shows will fuse guitar, analogue and digital keyboards, cassette loops, and more. Select performances also welcome multi-instrumentalist Will Lindsay to the mix. Lindsay is a longtime collaborator in A Storm of Light, and his resume includes Indian, Wolves In The Throne Room, Bloodyminded, Lord Mantis, Anatomy Of Habit and more.

Colony is set for a September 4th, 2015 release on Consouling Sounds. The album will be available digitally, on CD and on vinyl. Preorders are currently available at THIS LOCATION. Stay tuned for more IIVII transmissions in the coming weeks.