H.P. LOVECRAFT: Rue-Morgue Broadcasts Audio Sample From The Hound & The Music Of Erich Zann Spoken Word LP; Cadabra Records Preorders Live


As 2015 marks the 125th anniversary of the life legendary American horror author H.P. LOVECRAFT, spoken arts label, Cadabra Records, is preparing for the early February LP release of two of the writer’s classic tales, The Hound & The Music Of Erich Zann. As an early indulgence for fans of these timeless works, an audio sample from the record has been issued through the grim aid of Rue-Morgue Magazine, as the label makes preorders for the album available.

The Hound contains the first mention of the Necronomicon, H.P. LOVECRAFT‘s infamous book of madness-inducing magic and cosmic terror. The story began on September 16th, 1922, as LOVECRAFT toured the Flatbush Reformed Church in Brooklyn with his friend Rheinhart Kleiner, writing about the visit in a letter: “Around the old pile is a hoary churchyard, with internments dating from around 1730 to the middle of the nineteenth century…. From one of the crumbling gravestones — dated 1747 — I chipped a small piece to carry away. It lies before me as I write — and ought to suggest some sort of horror-story. I must place it beneath my pillow as I sleep… who can say what thing might not come out of the centuried earth to exact vengeance for his desecrated tomb? And should it come, who can say what it might not resemble?”

Experience a sample of H.P. LOVECRAFT’s The Hound at Rue-Morgue Magazine at THIS LOCATION.

Set for official release on February 5th, 2016, preorders for The Hound & The Music Of Erich Zann are now available through Cadabra Records. The first pressing will see a run of 500 copies on 150-gram vinyl and housed in a gatefold tip-on “old style” jacket, including an 8-page booklet with extensive liner notes and more. Also available today: an extremely limited run of 100 subscriptions in the Lovecraft In Black series. Here, these albums are individually numbered on exclusive colored vinyl with many extras to be announced. These subscriptions include: The Hound & The Music of Erich Zann LP, The Lurking Fear LP, Pickman’s Model and The Picture In The House LP, Hallowe’en In A Suburb & Others 7″ EP — a collection of seven poems exclusive to subscription, and more, as these titles see release through Cadabra over the coming months.

View all preorder options via Cadabra Records RIGHT HERE.

A sample of the record’s B-side tale, The Music Of Erich Zann, and additional info on further upcoming LOVECRAFT releases through Cadabra Records will be issued in the weeks ahead.

Celebrating the first time H.P. LOVECRAFT‘s works have been read on vinyl in over thirty-five years, the release of The Hound & The Music Of Erich Zann marks the first in a series of LP releases Cadabra will be issuing over the next few years. In this maiden piece of the ominous collection, reader Andrew Leman brings to life stories The Hound and The Music Of Erich Zann. Leman is a partner of the H.P. LOVECRAFT historical society, a professional actor with years of stage, screen, and audio performances including The Call Of Cthulhu, The Whisperer In Darkness, and Dark Adventure Radio Theatre, his voice capturing the terror, dread, suspense and madness permeating LOVECRAFT‘s writing. The liner notes for The Hound & The Music Of Erich Zann were written by S.T. Joshi, a leading scholar on the writer and the author of H. P. Lovecraft: The Decline Of The West, I Am Providence: The Life And Times Of H. P. Lovecraft, Lovecraft And An Age In Transition, and other critical and biographical works. The pristine auditory delivery of the ominous tales includes sound and effects handled by Teratoma Sound Lab, with its artwork handled by Alan Brown.

LOVECRAFT remains a master of the weird tale, his influence has spanned through generations of film makers, musicians, artists, and authors alike. Whether you’ve already read his work or are new to it, you will gasp in wonder to the horrors within. Dim the lights, close your eyes, and listen to some of the greatest tales of horror ever told.

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