GRIME: Cvlt Nation Gets Doused In Italian Sludge

The evildoers at Cvlt Nation are currently soiling the lands with an exclusive track premiere of “Giving Up” from Italian sludge deviants, GRIME. The filthy little number comes courtesy of the band’s forthcoming new full-length Deteriorate. The follow-up to their six-track self-released debut spews forth a severing platter of dirgy deliciousness fit for bong hitting, grave robbing and general acts of debauchery. Self-described as the sound of “a decaying swamp filled with trash,” GRIME‘s slow, heavy groove is earnest and vicious; their gargantuan guitar riffs, sharp and crusted with rust. Recorded at Igloo Audiofactory in Italy by Enrico Baraldi and mixed and mastered by sound wizard Billy Anderson Deteriorate‘s eight tracks reek of animosity and disgust! Fans of Iron Monkey, Noothgrush, Grief and Eyehategod, beware.

Notes Cvlt Nation: “Come over here you dirty little bastard so I can wash your mouth out with some filthy new GRIME tracks… This record is overflowing with rotten, bluesy riffs that will keep your reality buried in misery – just the way I like it!”


GRIME‘s ultimate goal is delivering their sonic destruction to a town near yours and what better way to do it than with Richmond doomdoers Cough (on select dates). See you in Hell, Europe.

GRIME European Tour 2013
4/25/2013 Lo-Fi – Milan, Italy
4/26/2013 Turbomongol – Lausanne, Switzerland
4/27/2013 AJZ – Bielefeld, Germany
4/29/2013 Péniche Inside Out – Liege, Belgium w/ Cough
4/30/2013 Halle 14 – Karlsruhe, Germany w/ Cough
5/01/2013 Plaque – Leipzig, Germany w/ Cough
5/02/2013 Cottbus – Dresden, Germany w/ Cough
5/03/2013 Rote Flora – Hamburg, Germany w/ Cough
5/05/2013 Liebig 19 Jugendclub – Berlin, Germany
5/06/2013 Klub Final – Prague, Czech Republic
5/07/2013 Venster 99 – Vienna, Austria

Deteriorate will see official release on LP via Forcefield Records June 11th and on CD via Morgrimm June 10th.

“…dirty-as-fuck…” – Pure Grain Audio