GRIDFAILURE Releases “Woodlands Of Self-Impalement” Video + Spilt With Never Presence Forever; Hostile Alchemy EP To See February Release


GRIDFAILURE has issued a new video, created for the track “Woodlands Of Self-Impalement.” The new split cassette release with Never Presence Forever is also now available, as another new set of recordings nears release next month for the project’s one-year anniversary.

“Woodlands Of Self-Impalement” is pulled from the Further Layers Of Societal Collapse EP, which was issued for free download on Halloween. As with the recently-issued debut video for “Paranoia Will Not Coagulate,” the visual incarnation of the bleak passage was filmed in various regions of New York and Pennsylvania, shot and edited by the lone creator of GRIDFAILURE‘s pyroclastic disrupt. Said Loudwire of the track upon its initial release, “‘Woodlands Of Self-Impalement’ is seven-and-a-half minutes of brooding, ominous torture that begs for something catastrophic to happen, but it doesn’t – it just lurks in the shadows as you frantically survey your surroundings, just waiting for the axe to fall, pissing yourself with nervous anticipation.”

Watch GRIDFAILURE’s “Woodlands Of Self-Impalement” video RIGHT HERE and “Paranoia Will Not Coagulate” HERE.

Further Layers Of Societal Collapse is available for free download HERE, where the new split cassette with Richmond’s Never Presence Forever and other releases are also available.

As another brutal Winter grips the region, GRIDFAILURE is completing the Hostile Alchemy EP for digital release in February when the project marks one year since its inception. The outfit continues work on the cannibalistic dementia of second album, Teeth Collection, as well as the more spacious, echoing desert burial deviations of the Drought Stick double-album. These impending titles, and other undisclosed actions taking place at The Compound, see solo creator David Brenner (ex-Theologian, ex-Heidnik) collaborating with a wide cast of internationally-situated henchpersons and taking the sound of the unit into a genre-void realm where the only boundaries exist within the imagination of the listener.

Music and art for Hostile Alchemy will be released in the coming days.