GOREAPHOBIA: Apocalyptic Necromancy Out NOW!

Today, Dark Descent Records is proud to unleash Apocalyptic Necromancy, the long-anticipated new full length from legendary Philadelphia death metal kings, GOREAPHOBIA. Apocalyptic Necromancy was recorded, mixed and mastered by drummer Jim Roe, features new guitarist VJS (Kult ov Azazel, Crimson Moon, Demoncy, etc.) and has been earning accolades from fans and critics alike.

In an early review of the record, About.com called Apocalyptic Necromancy, “…a natural progression for GOREAPHOBIA, that will appeal to anyone looking for something a little different to go along with their daily dose of death metal.” The Adversary championed the warriors of the left hand path saying, “You can definitely hear the Celtic Frost, Venom and Bathory influence at work here. Powerful mid to fast paced crushing riffs, the overall sound takes me back to the day’s when death metal was just starting out… GOREAPHOBIA has done it again, Apocalyptic Necromancy is some killer death metal.” Blistering agreed, “For anybody who likes some good, dirty, grimy old school death metal, look no further than the newest release from Philly’s GOREAPHOBIA.” Noted Metalmusicarchives.com, “…if you like old school thrashy death metal with a lot of groove, heaviness, melody and old-fashioned brutality, then you should check out this release,” while Heavy Metal Time Machine added, “Filthy and foul the album is nothing if not nasty and loud. True to their underground creed GOREAPHOBIA don’t get caught up in current trends.”

As previously reported, GOREAPHOBIA will make a rare appearance on The Gathering Of The Bestial Legion V fest on August 27 at The Proud Bird in Los Angeles, California. The band will play alongside Autopsy, Incantation, Acheron, Ares Kingdom and many more. For tickets and further info, visit: http://www.ironroom.com.