GIMME METAL TV: Gimme Radio Launches New Groundbreaking Fan Experience With 24/7 Video Channel

Gimme Radio is pleased to announce the official launch of Gimme TV which features two 24/7 video channels: GIMME METAL TV and Gimme Country TV! Gimme TV combines the power of MTV-like linear broadcasting with live streaming and will feature music videos, short form artist-created content, long form music documentaries and movies, live streaming music performances, live streaming artist lifestyles/storyteller pieces and much more. Download the GIMME METAL app on your Android or iOS phone to tune in:

While many music fans are at home and streaming more than ever, Gimme TV is super-serving their music community with a wide range of live streams, unmatched behind the scenes content, and firsthand stories. Fans can watch the highest production events as well as impromptu at-home sessions. Gimme knows that fans want more than just shows; they want intimate access to their favorite artists’ lives, a tour through a musician’s record collection, quarantine projects that have been keeping their favorite bands busy, and more. Another unique aspect of Gimme TV will be live interaction with various artists while watching content.

GIMME METAL TV‘s programming will commence this week with Death/Chuck Schuldiner documentary Death By Metal. Director Felipe Belalcazar will be available in the live chat giving viewers deeper insight and context into the movie they won’t find anywhere else. Additionally, GIMME METAL TV has over ten years of exclusive interviews and footage from Metal Injection as well as music videos from labels such as Relapse, Season Of Mist, Metal Blade, and more. With the capability to offer live music, unreleased content, and exclusive access, GIMME METAL TV is truly presenting the ultimate fan experience.

Upcoming Special Programming on GIMME METAL TV:
11/17 – 2:00pm EST / 11:00am PST: The cult classic, Heavy Metal Parking Lot
11/19 – 2:00pm EST / 11:00am PST: The cult classic, Heavy Metal Parking Lot
11/20 – 9:00pm EST / 6:00pm PST The critically lauded Death documentary, Death By Metal with director Felipe Belalcazar chatting in the live feed
11/21 – 3:00pm EST /12:00pm PST: 1980 Lucio Fulci-directed Italian cult classic, City Of The Living Dead
11/27 – 9:00pm EST / 6:00pm PST: The quintessential Norwegian black metal documentary, Until The Light Takes Us
11/28 – 3:00pm EST / 12:00pm PST: Classic 1963 Italian horror movie, Black Sabbath, starring Boris Karloff

In addition, Gimme TV will give artists and fans the ability to create live video content with the highest quality audio and HD video that can be captured by using up to three iPhones. Gimme TV is uniquely able to bring fans music television for the 21st Century thanks to Gimme’s partnership with Otter Network, creator of Otter Channels. Otter Channels is a cloud-based TV programming and production platform that lets users create and manage their own 24/7 streaming TV channels and include multi-cam livestreams in the mix.

Gimme TV is poised to captivate the rich community that Gimme Radio has cultivated through its highly curated music experience. Both GIMME METAL and Gimme Country have amassed devoted fans that love these respective genres, and those music lovers are being served with the very best in programming, fan community interaction, exclusive offers, merchandise and much more. Gimme TV will continue to add to this unparalleled experience, building deeper connections between the music and fans. Always serving the underserved fan, Gimme TV offers even more ways to discover music via music videos and specialty programming.

Gimme CEO Tyler Lenane comments, “Right now, there is this mad rush to become the live streaming destination. But I think these other companies are missing the point that fans don’t just want to watch a live performance in an empty club on their laptop… they want deeper access to artists and they want to experience it with other fans. Gimme learned how to build communities with online radio and we are going to make those communities even stronger with real video.”

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine, host of GIMME METAL‘s The Dave Mustaine Show, raves, “Adding video to Gimme Radio is something that I’ve wanted to do since I first met the Gimme creators! How rad would it be for GIMME METAL fans to be watching music videos with me and other metalheads around the world? There will be so much killer stuff too! How does watching official videos of the songs, live concert footage, recording of records, b-roll, cool jamming, and of course our amazing DJs, LIVE in their studios sound? This is game changing.”

Otter Network CEO Nick Tangborn adds, “We’re excited to partner with Gimme, because they have been truly innovative in bringing audio and now video to music lovers in the mobile space, just as we’ve brought broadcast-quality video production to anyone with a smartphone. I spent a long time running a record label and working at some of the earliest online music platforms, so working with Gimme to use Otter’s video technology for musicians and fans is really fun.”

About Gimme Radio:
Founded by digital music veterans from Apple Music, Google Play, Beats Music and Rhapsody, Gimme Radio is the ultimate music service for the true music fan. As the only online music service designed with the idea of community and to “serve the underserved,” (also available for iOS and Android app), Gimme currently offers the unique musical experiences of GIMME METAL and Gimme Country (apps available for both iOS and Android) with upcoming plans to expand genres and launch new channels within genres. Gimme believes in the passion of the music community to give its listeners great programming – not algorithms. That’s why every song played on Gimme is hand-selected by the musicians, music journalists, producers, labels and tastemakers that music fans already know and trust. Gimme is dedicated to building a community of fans within the service. On Gimme, listeners, DJs and artists can all engage in a conversation around the music – as it’s playing.

About Otter Network:
Otter Network was founded by Harry Friedman, a tech entrepreneur and former entertainment executive, and Nick Tangborn, a digital media veteran of Rhapsody, BitTorrent, CNET and the original Napster. Its mission is to make video production and live streaming fast, easy and accessible for all, with a suite of patent-pending cloud-based multi-cam video production tools. Otter’s products include the web-based video switching program Otter Director™ HD, Otter Camera™ HD for the iPhone, and the new Otter Channels, which allows users to program their own cloud-based TV stations. Visit