GHOST BATH Undrapes “Seraphic” Video; Starmourner Full-Length Out TODAY Via Nuclear Blast + Headlining Tour Underway

Photo by Austin Scherzberg

Photo by Austin Scherzberg

“Starmourner is an album that must be listened to to be believed. Stunning and emotionally resonating at every junction it pushes GHOST BATH to the upper echelons of the new wave of blackgaze and atmospheric black metal.” – Alt Dialogue

Today marks the official release of Starmourner, the anticipated new studio offering from atmospheric black metallers GHOST BATH. In celebration of its release, today the band undrapes their compelling new, Jesse Lynch (Dead In The Winter, Underling, Mithya)-produced visual accompaniment to “Seraphic.”

Watch “Seraphic” below:

Starmourner orders on CD, vinyl, and more are currently available HERE. Digital orders can be placed via iTunes HERE, Amazon HERE, or GooglePlay HERE.

Out now on Nuclear Blast Entertainment, the twelve-track Starmourner was recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced by Josh Schroeder (Battlecross, Still Remains), and features cover artwork Luciana Nedelea (Enbilulugugal, Foehammer).

GHOST BATH is currently scouring the lands on a North American Spring headlining tour with support provided by Astronoid. See remaining dates below. The band’s latest trek follows their recent tour with Amigo The Devil.


GHOST BATH w/ Astronoid [remaining dates]:
4/21/2017 Complex – Los Angeles, CA
4/22/2017 Soda Bar – San Diego, CA
4/23/2017 Yucca Tap Room – Tempe, AZ
4/25/2017 Marquis – Theater Denver, CO
4/26/2017 Riot Room – Kansas City, MO

Since their inception, GHOST BATH has played atmospheric black metal focused on depression, tragedy, purgatory, and earthly wonders. Starmourner – the second record of a trilogy – takes these concepts to a higher level. It explores joy instead of sorrow, paradise instead of purgatory, and the cosmos instead of earth. Most importantly however, it explores ecstasy – instead of tragedy – as its basic human emotion. With over seventy-two minutes of heavy, melodic, and dramatic black metal, it is GHOST BATH‘s most ambitious undertaking yet.

GHOST BATH refers to the act of committing suicide by submerging in a body of water. GHOST BATH writes and creates under the assumption that music is an extension of one’s own soul. They journey through the sorrow and sadness that all lives experience, but leave a glimmer of hope. They portray both deep anguish and angelic soundscapes that are sure to leave an impression on the listener. The band started in October of 2013 with the release of their self-titled EP on Solitude Productions. This was followed by their debut album titled, Funeral, which was released on Pest Productions in June of 2014. The band’s sophomore album, Moonlover, was released in April of 2015 through Northern Silence Productions. A reissue was released by Nuclear Blast Entertainment in June of 2016.

“Starmourner‘s rapturous nature shines through guitar lines that reach for the heavens and lift songs beyond the constraints of the genre. It’s in these small moments that GHOST BATH truly excel…” – Team Rock

“…dramatic, awe-inspiring journey.” – Punktastic

“…an enticing and rewarding listen… any blackgaze fan worth their salt should do themselves a favor and at least give Starmourner a once-over. If their trajectory thus far is any indication, GHOST BATH is definitely a band to keep an eye on from here on out.” – Heavy Blog Is Heavy

“… it’s a record that can’t help but to capture your imagination and which sees the band moving closer to their place in the heavy metal pantheon…They have created something triumphant here that is multilayered and immense, waiting to see if they can hone that down into something even more pure is going to be quite the adventure.” – Two Guys Metal Reviews

“The entire spectrum of our emotional existence is presented in a way that balances the positive and negative with skilled aplomb.” – Metal Nexus

GHOST BATH has made their signature sound flourish on this new release, digging deeper into rough and restless emotions. They upheave the heart and are unapologetic for their mournful, yet slightly hopeful sound. The constant, unwavering, tormented high-pitched moans bellow and the guitars slam away with the determination of a hungry animal. The overall hauntingly harsh yet somber and graceful sound is entertaining. Starmourner will have you thinking and feeling. It’s well worth a listen.” – Metal Assault

Starmourner is an album of jarring contrast. Of exuberant, melodious passages. Of affirmative, progressive music led by glassy guitar lines. Of positive atmospheres imbibed. And of harsh, aural snaps of reality, piercing the tranquillity and pulling you back, never allowing you to be fully comfortable. It’s an uncompromising artistic statement…” – Ghost Cult