FOUGHT UPON EARTH: Bay Area Instrumental Progressive Metal Unit Featuring Former Members Of Acid King, Secrets Of The Sky, And Scorched-Earth Policy To Release Grave Miscalculation Full-Length This Fall; New Track Streaming + Preorders Available

Photo by Terry Goss

San Francisco Bay Area instrumental progressive metal unit FOUGHT UPON EARTH — featuring former members of Acid King, Secrets Of The Sky, And Scorched-Earth Policy — will unleash their Grave Miscalculation full-length this fall.

The sonically mesmerizing, nine-track affair was produced by the band with Juan Urteaga (Cattle Decapitation, Secrets Of The Sky, Exhumed), mixed by Urteaga, and includes a rendition of “Old Coat,” by Peter, Paul, And Mary.

FOUGHT UPON EARTH was forged in 2013 by guitarist/bassist Mark Lamb and drummer Lance Lea, shortly after former band Scorched-Earth Policy went on indefinite hiatus. Between their respective touring and recording schedules with Acid King (Lamb) and Secrets Of The Sky (Lea), the pair sought to collaborate once again, sifting through their extensive back catalog of unused riffs and ideas to create some vicious instrumental metal jams. FOUGHT UPON EARTH‘s self-titled debut was released in 2015. The ensuing DIY promo campaign garnered a smattering of impressive reviews and spins on college radio and select podcasts. Soon after, Lamb started assembling ideas for what would become Grave Miscalculation. He left Acid King at the beginning of 2017 to focus on FOUGHT UPON EARTH and other personal endeavors. Lea took a brief respite from drumming after Secrets Of The Sky dissolved in 2016.

By mid-2017, the two were reinvigorated and ready to jam. Together they dove headlong into the ideas Lamb had been cataloging. Recording for the album commenced at the beginning of 2018 with longtime friend, collaborator and celebrated producer, Juan Urteaga. It was evident from the start that Grave Miscalculation was destined to be a grander, more robust version of the FOUGHT UPON EARTH sound — a blend of thrash, progressive, doom, and traditional metal, tempered with a love of film scores and classic rock. Moreover, this is music made from the purest possible motivation – two artists creating what they want to hear, completely unconcerned with where it may fall within the current landscape. Last but not least, former Scorched-Earth Policy cohort Terry Goss rips a few guest guitar solos and Steven Fisher’s fittingly sinister cover art provides the finishing touch for this forty-two-minute audio journey.

FOUGHT UPON EARTH’s Grave Miscalculation will be self-released digitally October 4th. For preorders visit the official Bandcamp page at THIS LOCATION.

Sample “Cull The Law,” streaming at YouTube at THIS LOCATION (or below).

Grave Miscalculation Track Listing:
1. What You Call Contraband, I Call Saturday Night
2. Instant Pariah
3. Rabies Shower
4. Could Be Coyotes
5. Isn’t She Dreadful
6. Goggles And Gloves
7. Grave Miscalculation
8. Cull The Law
9. Old Coat

As for the future of FOUGHT UPON EARTH, Lamb offers this, “I’m not really sure what we’re doing next. While we’d love to take this out and play some shows, that would mean recruiting some friends to fill out the live lineup and rehearsing for a few months – which would be a blast! On the other hand, Lance’s killer jam pad is ten minutes from my house in one direction and Juan’s studio is ten minutes in another. We may just keep working on our never-ending flow of ideas and crank out another EP or LP before we ever play live! We’ll see. Our instincts will guide us, just as they always have.”

Mark Lamb – guitars, keyboards
Lance Lea – drums