FOES: Toilet Ov Hell Premieres Two-Member “Devolved Into Humanity” Playthrough Video By Oregon Metallic Hardcore Outfit; American Violence EP Out Now On Glacier Recordings

photos by Walt Raskal Sullins

Oregon-based metallic hardcore outfit FOES released their pulverizing American Violence 10″ EP through Glacier Recordings in April. The band now delivers a new playthrough video for the track “Devolved Through Humanity,” which Toilet Ov Hell is hosting exclusively this week.

American Violence was recorded and produced by FOES‘ Sonny Daniels and Garrett Judkins at their own Doom Room Studios in Sunriver, Oregon. The material was sent to Audiosiege (From Ashes Rise, Integrity, Black Breath) where it was edited and mixed by Derek Leisy and mastered by Brad Boatright. The cover art was created by Judkins and Daniels with editing and digital design by Taylor Bates at New Melody Art Design. The video for “American Violence” was created by Daydream Collective.

The “Devolved Through Humanity” playthrough video showcases guitarist Sonny Daniels and bassist Brandon Self locked into the song’s technical attack through a multi-camera production handled by 12th Street Media and Chandler Price.

Sonny Daniels refers to “Devolved Into Humanity” as, “Definitely one of the more complex songs off the album. Also, the first song written for the album. The video kind of intended to feel dark and primal with the skulls, candles, and antlers in the background. It also features our signature mannequin head which people who have seen us live will recognize from the merch booth.”

Adds FOES vocalist Micah Berry of the song, “Lyrically, it’s very much about society becoming more animalistic and less intelligent to the point we destroy ourselves through ignoring intelligent ideas. I definitely know it’s one of my favorite to place, not only because of how linear and chaotic it is, but also because the structure of the song represents to me how chaotic life, as well as the human race as a whole, tends to be. We are merely a flock being thrown around and forced into a system we don’t agree with, which in turn, causes mass panic, hatred, and a total loss of inner control. We are all tired. We all want change. And we are sick of waiting for it through empty promises being made. This song represents that anger, to me.”

See FOES’ “Devolved Through Humanity” guitar and bass playthrough video via Toilet Ov Hell RIGHT HERE.

American Violence is out now through Glacier Recordings on 10″ vinyl and digital formats at the label webshop HERE and Bandcamp HERE.

Watch for additional FOES updates over the weeks ahead. Fans of Nails, Baptists, Turmoil, Gaza, and Jesus Piece tune in.