Final ARMAGEDDA EP To See US Release This September

Hidden from light in the depths and chambers of mysticism and woe until now, the I Am EP from now-defunct Swedish occult black metal force ARMAGEDDA is upon us. The special offering contains four never-before-released tracks including the song “I Am” which was previously performed during the Marching Towards Christian Extermination Tour in 2002. Raw, consuming northern black metal full of snarling melodies and raspy vocal elegies of death; a true black iron fist in the face of humanity and light! The EP clearly ties the bonds between the grisly early works of The Final War Approaching and Only True Believers and their Ond Spiritism: Diaefvulens Skalder swansong. For ARMAGEDDA diehards and devout listeners of raw Swedish black metal! Hail the Northern Destroyers of faith and life!

“Occult audial essence” would be a term to use when describing the tunes of ARMAGEDDA. For those who probably care less about feeling, we already have a known term: “black metal.” This Swedish duo, originally known as Vokermord, started out in the early days of the millennium, 1999 – 2000. Through the years, the band released three full-length albums and a handful of demos and EPs. These monuments are among the purest representations of true Scandinavian black metal and now stand on their own solid ground. ARMAGEDDA released their third album in 2004, before leaving this world in anger. Members went to play in such bands as Lik, Whirling and Lonndom.

I Am Track Listing:
1. Den Skrivna Eskatologin
2. De Vanhelgade
3. I Am
4. Cold Eon
View cover art here:

I Am will be released via Eisenwald/Nordvis in the US September 6, 2010.

“…engrossing and further proof that traditional BM can thoroughly penetrate.” — Zero Tolerance

“…a bittersweet, melancholy slab of grimness that is essential for intense black metal followers to own, be they fans of Norwegian, Swedish, United States, or any other regional black metal. It transcends borders, offering its message of hate for all things for everyone to take, hold, and worship.” — Funeral Rain

“The vocals are sorrowful, angst-filled rasps not unlike what you’d hear in Weltmacht…”
— The Metal Crypt