PROGHMA-C Confirmed For Brutal Assault Fest; Bar-do Travel Full-Length In Stores Now!

Polish progressive metal outfit PROGHMA-C are confirmed to play the 15th annual Brutal Assault Festival, set to take place August 12-14, 2010 in Josefov, Czech Republic. The band will play alongside some of metal’s finest acts including: Afgrund, Agnostic Front, Ahab, Aura Noir, Candlemass, Cannibal Corpse, Converge, Cro-Mags, Ensiferum, Fear Factory, Gorgoroth, Hypocrisy, Ihsahn, Lock Up, Macabre, Meshuggah, My Dying Bride, Obituary, Ragnarok, The Black Dahlia Murder, Voivod, Watain and dozens more. For more info visit: .

The tale of PROGHMA-C began in 2002, when a group of experimental music aficionados decided to merge their paths of musical exploration into a single, sonic entity. The band seamlessly combine trance, ambient, rock, pop, new age, death, fusion and progressive influences into a sound that is very much their own unique, powerful beast. Debut Bar-do Travel was recorded at Studio X in Olsztyn, Poland with Szymon Czech and released in North America via Armoury Records on July 27. The record features nine-tracks of heady, eclectic awesomeness, including an unexpected but well-executed cover of Bjork’s “Army Of Me.” PROGHMA-C wishes only to enhance the palette of our musical universe. For fans of everything from Tool to Meshuggah.

Bar-do Travel Track Listing:
1. Kana
2. FO
3. Spiralling T0 Another
4. Spitted Out
5. Spitted Out (Out)
6. So Be-live
7. I can’t Illuminate With You
8. Naan
9. Army Of Me (Bjork cover)

“If you are looking for something ‘out there,’ then give this young Polish band a try… If you want something like a Cynic-meets-Tool-meets-Post Metal/Post Rock, then this is your release…” — Infernal Masquerade

“This album left me in dreamland. It’s totally hypnotic… enjoyable from beginning to end. I’m struggling to think of any progressive album I’ve heard that’s better than this. Bar-do Travel is a sheer pleasure to listen to” –– Metalteamuk

“…possibly the most outstanding record I have ever heard from a Polish band, which is even more remarkable considering that it is only their debut…” — Disagreement

“…Bar-do Travel is the best Polish album since Decapitated’s Organic Hallucinosis and the best debut since Out Of Myself by Riverside. Definitely a must-hear…” — Darkplanet

“…Trance is the key aspect of PROGHMA-C’s music… There are no weak songs here; they are all right at the top…” — Pandemoneon