EYEHATEGOD Announce Additional East Coast Dates

Following the sonic devastation that was their performance at Fun Fun Fun Fest earlier this month, New Orleans’ hardcore, blues-based, post-amplification, dirge-doers EYEHATEGOD are set to head East this December to further their audio decimation. The band will level Boston, Allentown and Brooklyn beginning December 2.

Commented frontman Mike Williams on the next round of pummel: “Following an amazing dark and cloudy show at Austin’s Fun Fun Fun fest, America’s drunkest sweethearts will set off on yet another East Coast exploration and research field trip into the age old tradition of self-abuse.”

EYEHATEGOD Tour Dates 2011/2012
12/02/2011 Wonderland Ballroom (Formerly Club Lido) – Boston, MA
12/03/2011 Jimmy’s – Allentown, PA
12/04/2011 Europa – Brooklyn, NY w/ Doomriders, Hull, Knight Terror
01/21/2012 Sonar – Baltimore, MD w/ Integrity 9 (A389 Anniversary Show)
05/24/2012 Maryland Deathfest @ Sonar – Baltimore, MD

EYEHATEGOD unleashed their Live DVD earlier this year via MVD. The 88-minute production features multi-camera footage from 2009 (Baltimore, MD) and 2010 (Cleveland, OH), with bonus clips from the last show of their 2010 European tour and videos never before released before on DVD. Commented popular Canadian web portal Hellbound in a recent review of the film: “Trust EYEHATEGOD to put out a live DVD that looks like a fifth-generation VHS bootleg from 25 years ago. And bless ’em for it. After all, the pure grit and amateurishness of the way the two live sets on Live are shot are far more appropriate for the New Orleans sludge legends than, say, a lavish light show, crane shots galore, and a five-channel surround mix. Nah, instead we’re privy to poorly lit, hand-held shots from various angles, most of which are right smack in the middle of the chaos the band is creating, and sound quality that’s muddy and distorted. It looks and sounds absolutely filthy, and it’s perfect.” Added Cvlt Nation simply: “…a piece of EYEHATEGOD cinematic history.” A perfect dose of Black Flag meets Black Sabbath in ragged, live glory. Order your copy HERE where you’ll also find a new selections of T-shirts and hoodies.

Fun Fun Fun Fest Recaps:

“The movement is the oddest part, the churning of the moshpits, the crush of bodies against the rail. There couldn’t be a more perfect soundtrack to this odd dance of the metalheads, usually hidden away from the light, than EYEHATEGOD.” — Mxdwn.com

“The group masterfully switched between pummeling crusty grind and tar-caked doom. Guitarists Brian Patton and Jimmy Bower often joined together to kick out energy-filled jams. Williams screamed harrowing tales from ‘Sister Fucker’ and ‘White Nigger,’ and ‘New Orleans is the New Vietnam’ gave the crowd a glimpse of the group’s forthcoming album…” — Metal Underground

EYEHATEGOD, even without dudes getting tasered or a plethora of Mike Williams shit-talking, still made Sunday the unholiest of days. NEW ORLEANS IS THE NEW VIETNAM!” — Crustcake

“After a fitful opening, EYEHATEGOD found sure footing in their top-heavy, ground down Sabbath sludge igniting the crowd with suffocated rhythms shorn through with Mike Williams’ gut blood growl. The band lurched through a wall of feral density, with the occasional southern-licked guitar riff surfacing above the sea of well-crafted doom.” — The Austinist