EQUIVOCATOR: Decibel Magazine Premieres “Axiomatic” From Metal Duo Formed By East Of The Wall And The Postman Syndrome Members; Debut EP Nears Release On Nefarious Industries

“Axiomatic” is the new single from EQUIVOCATOR, the new band formed by members of East Of The Wall, The Postman Syndrome, and more. The song is playing exclusively at Decibel Magazine today as Nefarious Industries prepares for the band’s eponymous debut EP for release in September.

Equivocator sees all lead vocals written, performed, and recorded by Chris Alfano, and all instruments, programming, additional vocals, and other recording handled by Matthew Lupo. The EP was mixed by Steven Alexander Ryan (The Black Queen) and Lupo, mastered by Nicholas Zampiello at New Alliance East (A Wilhelm Scream, Merzbow, Pelican), and completed with artwork and layout by Andrew Notsch.

With “Axiomatic,” the band states, “Acceptance of knowledge and truth comes easy for a lot of people. For everyone else, there’s ‘Axiomatic’. This track is a reminder that certainty is fleeting, and imperfect information is often all we have. So, question yourself constantly, but don’t let that stop you from engaging with conviction.

“‘Axiomatic’ contains an amalgamation of styles, from blasts to blackened with some dirge and dinginess as well. But the real highlight of this track is its anthem-adjacent chorus. Its head-on, focused, pure riff worship interwoven with driving vocal decimation.”

Decibel writes with their premiere of the song, “…Decibel proudly shares their powerful, layered new single ‘Axiomatic,’ a sonic wallop from the pair…”

Stream EQUIVOCATOR’s “Axiomatic” first at Decibel Magazine RIGHT HERE.

Nefarious Industries will release Equivocator on limited cassette and all digital platforms on September 22nd. Find preorders and merch at the label webshop where “The Angle” is streaming HERE.

Watch for additional updates on EQUIVOCATOR to post over the coming weeks including more previews of their debut.

When multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and songwriter Matt Lupo (East Of The Wall, Stronds, Opul, The Postman Syndrome) made the decision to mount an excursion into hostile sonic territory, he tapped East Of The Wall bandmate Chris Alfano (ex-NY In 64, ex-Day Without Dawn, The Postman Syndrome) to carry the flag on vocals, and EQUIVOCATOR was formed. Lupo has also contributed to The Dillinger Escape Plan, High Level (the soundtrack to Rob Sheridan’s graphic novel via Federal Prisoner Records), and So Is The Tongue.

EQUIVOCATOR explores some of the more abrasive realms: angular and dissonant, blasting, and breaking. Predominantly an aggressive venture, the project finds occasional footing on melodic ground, with a rare but welcome harmonic layer. It may sometimes feel like familiar territory, but EQUIVOCATOR is not so straightforward.

Barely harnessing three songs to introduce the band’s sound, Equivocator arrives with an explosive amalgam of post-hardcore and progressive metal, taking the heaviest elements of its creators’ other acts to even more aggressive and forward-thinking levels, while delivering a record that fans that have followed these two artists since The Postman Syndrome’s acclaimed debut will immediately embrace.