ENCOFFINATION: Revolver Premieres “Ebony Skulls” By US Death/Doom Duo; We Proclaim Your Death, O’ Lord LP Out This Friday Via Selfmadegod Records

[photo Paul Verhagem]

Selfmadegod Records is preparing to unveil the foreboding We Proclaim Your Death O’ Lord LP from US death metal duo, ENCOFFINATION this Friday. Ahead of its release, the ominous opening hymn, “Ebony Skulls,” is now playing through an exclusive premiere at Revolver Magazine.

Ending the five-year gap since their prior LP, ENCOFFINATION‘s fourth full-length of oppressive death marks a new era for the band. We Proclaim Your Death, O’ Lord sees these purveyors of wretched doom once again unleashing some of the heaviest, slow-motion, funeral/death metal ever created. With forty-three minutes of suffocating tonal obliteration, and hymns which examine themes of death worship and morbidity, salvation, and irreligion, the band’s ominous, penetrating sound is grimmer and bleaker than ever. Accept no imitation or falsehoods; the sound here unleashed resonates and permeates the essence of true death.

Engineered by ENCOFFINATION in the recesses of holy crypts among the bones and skulls of forgotten reverence, We Proclaim Your Death, O’ Lord was recorded in the eerie dusk of autumn in the year of our lord 2018. The album was, mixed, mastered, and completed with layout and design by Justin Stubbs, with Albert Edelfelt’s 1878 painting “Duke Karl Abusing The Corpse Of Klaus Fleming” adorning the cover, and photography by Dr. Paul Koudounaris and live photography by Hillarie Jason.

Revolver Magazine presents the first passage on We Proclaim Your Death O’ Lord, “Ebony Skulls,” noting of its harrowing, dense assault, “The opening track, which also makes its first appearance here, kicks off with a combination of church bell, pipe organ and heaps of dark ambiance. Almost hopeful in execution at first, that all goes south once the down-tuned thunder rolls in, followed by the drum fills and death metal growls. Revolting to no end, it’s an excellent way to start the LP and introduce the band to the unfamiliar.”

Stream ENCOFFINATION’s “Ebony Skulls” only at Revolver Magazine HERE

This is a mandatory release for fans of the most treacherous incarnations of funeral doom and ethereal death metal, citing Incantation, Rippikoulu, Morpheus Descends, Winter, and Disembowelment.

Selfmadegod Records will issue We Proclaim Your Death, O’ Lord in digital and CD incarnations on May 17th, with cassette and LP versions to follow shortly thereafter. Preorders are live at the label webshop HERE and Bandcamp where “Mysterium Fidei” is also streaming HERE..

Following their maiden trip to Europe which culminated at Netherlands Deathfest in Tilburg with the likes of Deicide, Incantation, Cryptopsy, Brujeria, Bethlehem, and many more, ENCOFFINATION will announce additional tour dates in the weeks ahead.

Founded with a desire to play the heaviest, slowest death metal possible, ENCOFFINATION was formed in 2009, its members also playing with the likes of Father Befouled, Decrepitaph, among many others through the years. The first full-length, Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh, was released via Selfmadegod in 2010, who also issued the second LP, O’ Hell, Shine In Thy Whited Sepulchres, the following year. The band played their first show in October 2010, which was recorded and eventually released on LP.

A 7″ EP on Blood Harvest, a live 12″ on Psychedelic Lotus Order, a split 7″ with Grave Upheaval, and an exclusive 12″ EP on Debemur Morti titled Elegant Funerals For The Unknown Dead all saw release in 2012 when ENCOFFINATION also performed at the inaugural Martyrdoom Fest in NYC with Dead Congregation, Father Befouled, Cruciamentum, Evoken, and others. Their third album, III – Hear Me, O’ Death, was released through Selfmadegod in 2014, which was followed by the band’s first East Coast tour in early 2015.

In 2017, the band played Maryland Deathfest and co-headlines Blood Of The Wolf Fest, and released a split 12″ with Sempiternal Dusk via End Theory Records, and the Necros Obscuritas CD, collecting their prior vinyl-only and rare tracks, via Selfmadegod, while writing their harrowing fourth LP, now realized as We Proclaim Your Death, O’ Lord.