DIMINISHING: Demoralizing Project From Members Of Gridfailure And Yatsu To Release Debut Album, The Unnamable, Through Anti-Corporate Music; “The Rats I’ve Fed” Streaming + Preorders Posted

Newly created New York/Texas-based heavy experimental outfit DIMINISHING is poised to release their debut offering, The Unnamable, through Anti-Corporate Music, today issuing its cover art, track listing, preorders, and lead single, “The Rats I’ve Fed.”

Formed in early 2019 by Gridfailure creator David Brenner and Yatsu guitarist Lane Oliver, DIMINISHING is a tense, emotionally devastating project that paints in shades of industrial, dark ambient, drone metal, harsh noise, and more. On The Unnamable, semi-improvisational, destructive guitar work collides with haunting atmospherics, mechanical rhythms, and walls of cacophony to create a unique, soul-crushing sound that resides somewhere between Godflesh, Nurse With Wound, Merzbow, Khanate, and Nine Inch Nails’ The Downward Spiral. Thematically, the record touches upon existential crisis, anxiety in the face of the unknown, and personal failings.

The Unnamable was performed, recorded, and mixed by David Brenner and Lane Oliver, the dense tracks constructed with a wide range of vocals, guitars/bass, keys/synth, drum machines, field recordings, and more. Mastering for the album was handled by Dan Emery at Black Matter Mastering (Kool Keith, Dälek, Chrome Waves, Thetan), and the record is completed with photography/design by Brenner.

Of “The Rats I’ve Fed,” Oliver writes, “The song is about giving yourself to things and people without properly taking care of yourself. It’s about the burnout and distress one experiences when boundaries aren’t established and maintained. It’s about the dark side of ‘selflessness,’ which is a topic touched upon later in the album as well.”

Hear DIMINISHING’s “The Rats I’ve Fed” now at THIS LOCATION.

The Unnamable will be released on cassette and all digital platforms on June 16th. Find preorders at the Anti-Corporate Music shop HERE and DIMINISHING’s Bandcamp HERE.

Watch for several videos and more on the album to be issued over the weeks ahead.

The Unnamable Track Listing:
1. An Emptiness
2. The Rats I’ve Fed
3. That Sinking Feeling
4. No Fire, No Fanfare
5. Athazagoraphobia
6. Altruistic
7. Barren Harvest
8. The Unnamable
9. The Culmination Of Years Of Self-Abuse