DESALMADO: Hereditas EP Out Now And Streaming For Free

Beginning today, online metal source Hellbound is hosting a free public stream of the newly-released Hereditas, the crushing EP from Brazilian grindcore warriors DESALMADO. Officially released to the masses on 10″ vinyl and digitally earlier this week, Hereditas venomously spews forth six metallic grind anthems in under 14 minutes, unleashing a flood of lyrical political angst and social unrest, in the band’s native Portuguese tongue.

The EP will be streaming for several weeks so while it’s posted, tune in and endure the beating at this location.

While Hereditas is a potent, brutal slab of grindcore on its own, the EP is merely a precursor for DESALMADO‘s recently-completed debut full-length, which was produced by Jean Dolabella of Sepultura. The album is coming together now, also set for release via Greyhaze Records later this year. More info on the upcoming release will be announced in the sweltering weeks ahead.

“These six pummeling tracks provide a perfect combination of classic death metal and grindcore.” – Exclaim!

“Dual vocals, both guttural and high-pitched, are partnered with fast riffs and blasts that have more structure than the usual chaos of straight up grindcore.” –

“Even in just under fourteen minutes you can hear the high quality of the songwriting and playing in the group.” – Metal Army America

“Hereditas is a demolishing bombardment of great accomplishment that anyone enjoying grindcore or wind-tunnel like violation will be in their element.” – Delusions of Adequacy