DEATHGRAVE: San Jose Deathgrind/Punk Practitioners Unveil “So Real, It’s Now” Video; Record Out NOW Via Tankcrimes

San Jose deathgrind/punk practitioners DEATHGRAVE – featuring within its ranks members of Brainoil and Amber Asylum among others – are pleased to unveil the visual accompaniment to “So Real, It’s Now,” the title track off their latest full-length.

Issues the band, “No doctors or medication will help you when the visceral realization smacks you in the eardrum. With the help of our comrade, Alex Koll, ‘So Real, It’s Now’ has been visually brought to life. Studies have shown that this video will enhance your day in an extremely positive manner. Play daily to achieve nirvana.”

Adds Tankcrimes guru/label head Scotty Heath, “It’s a video that keeps giving till the very end.”

Get in on the insanity and peep “So Real, It’s Now” below.

DEATHGRAVE released its So Real, It’s Now debut in May via Tankcrimes. Hailed by Decibel for being a, “kaleidoscopic and engrossing mix of traditional brutality and audacious weirdness,” the fourteen-track production was captured at Earhammer Studios in Oakland (Necrot, Autopsy) by guitarist/renowned sound engineer Greg Wilkinson (Brainoil, ex-Laudanum, ex-Graves At Sea).

So Real, It’s Now is currently available on CD, vinyl, and digital formats. Tankcrimes recently repressed the LP edition (now available on limited-edition oxblood/silver vinyl). Digital orders are available at THIS LOCATION where the record can be streamed in its entirety. Find physical orders at the Tankcrimes Merch Table HERE.

Forged in 2013, DEATHGRAVE initially united as four friends with a simple need to play bleeding, belligerent, and pissed off grindcore/powerviolence in the vein of Siege, Rudimentary Peni, and Napalm Death with an Impetigo twist. Comprised of longtime scene veterans, DEATHGRAVE is Wilkinson alongside drummer Matt Thompson, bassist Fern Alberts (Amber Asylum, ex-Bird, ex-Ringwurm), and vocalist Andre Cornejo (Cyanic, ex-Bird, ex-Casket Blaster).

“…a kaleidoscopic and engrossing mix of traditional brutality and audacious weirdness, razor-sharp punk-infused deathgrind riffs and dissonant noise rock detours, high velocity jabs from an orthodox stance and crafty sucker punches you never see coming…” – Decibel

“Incorporating crust and never shying away from a slower doom break or a straight-up hardcore stomp, DEATHGRAVE‘s latest effort So Real, It’s Now is definitely more unique than the legions of post-Assück or Napalm worship. The Autopsy influence looms large, as do names like Grief, Doom, Siege, Spazz, and much more across the under thirty minutes and fourteen-tracks.” – Revolver

“…a wonderfully relentless slab of punky death grind that is as fun as it is furious” – Last Rites

If old-school grindcore played with passion and skill is your thing, then you absolutely need to check this out.” –Wonderbox Metal

You can smell the bile, taste the puke, and love every second of it.” — Metal Wanderlust

DEATHGRAVE hit it out of the park on their debut with music that’ll jiggle the old head’s man-jugs as well as their teenage kid’s rebellious frontal lobes. Very heavy and very ‘fuck you’ all the same.” – Grizzly Butts

“Grinding, crust-blasted hardcore that stops off for the occasional death metal pit stop. Everything sounds sunken and murky, possessed of a sullen grunt-and-plop that makes you think of something grim being dragged from a stinking bog…” – Collective ‘Zine UK