THUNDERCLAP: Florida Outfit To Release Debut Album Through Financial Ruin; Florida Tour Dates With Meatwound Booked For Late December

[photo by Exploding Lens]

Gainesville, Florida-based THUNDERCLAP has completed their debut LP, Inebriocean, preparing it for release through Financial Ruin in early 2019.

THUNDERCLAP smoothly melds elements of metal and classic rock into a thick layer of swampy southern groove and doom, the band’s output a far cry from its members other/former acts. The trio’s members, Todd Rockhill, Ale Gasso, and Danny Welsh, also collectively having previously played with Discount, Army Of Ponch, The Draft, Unitas, J.Page, House On Fire, Black Cougar Shock Unit, and others.

THUNDERCLAP will release their booming Inebriocean debut on LP and digital formast via Financial Ruin in early 2019, with distribution through Dead Tank Records. Watch for audio previews and more to see release in January.

As the final details of Inebriocean are set into place, THUNDERCLAP has announced a run of late December tour dates through their home state with allies in Meatwound. Running from December 27th through 30th, the four gigs are booked in Miami, Orlando, Gainesville, and Jacksonville. Watch for more live actions from the band to be announced as the LP nears release.

12/27/2018 Las Rosas – Miami, FL w/ Meatwound, Holly Hunt, Devalued [info]
12/28/2018 Uncle Lou’s – Orlando, FL w/ Meatwound, Moat Cobra, Witchbender [info]
12/29/2018 Durty Nelly’s – Gainesville, FL w/ Meatwound, Gaul [info]
12/30/2018 Justice Pub – Jacksonville, FL w/ Meatwound, Yashira, Unearthly Child [info]

Daniel Shook of Meatwound and owner of Financial Ruin delves, “I was unloading gear at a show the first time I heard THUNDERCLAP. They were doing a quick sound check when I rolled up and by the end of the first song, I had stopped pulling guitars out and walked over to watch them. They were heavy and gross with the gnarliest vocals, but I had to finish getting the amps out, so I walked off. By the third song, I had abandoned loading in and was just watching the band. It was something like The Melvins playing Tom Petty songs as slow as possible. Or High on Fire covering Floor covers of Led Zeppelin. Like Roadhouse meets House Of 1000 Corpses. Texas Chainsaw Massacre relocated to the swamps of North-Central Florida. It was awesome.”

He continues, “It’s rare that I’m blown away by an unfamiliar band hearing them live for the first time but here we are. A couple years down the road and several shows together later, the band posts a pic of a CD that says, ‘Final Mix.’ I texted them asking what the plan is for its release; they’re not sure but they send me a copy. I’m soon playing the songs on repeat and they are stuck in my head. We strike a deal to split the release.”