DE MAGIA VETERUM: Album Streaming In Full At

Decibel Magazine is currently hosting The Deification from DE MAGIA VETERUM in its entirety! The magickal creation of one Mories (Gnaw Their Tongues, Ophiuchus, Pompidou, Aderlating, Astral, et al) DE MAGIA VETERUM‘s fourth full-length, The Deification offers up a perplexing torrent of sonic discord that’s both physically and psychologically engrossing, taxing and terrifying. Decibel fittingly likens Mories to “a beast plugged into Hell’s outlet, pulsating, frothing and electric with malign intent,”and The Deification, entropy for losing one’s collective shit or delving deep into personal calm waters.” Adds

Turn it up and confuse your neighbors at THIS LOCATION.

The Deification is the logical next step in Mories’ nightmarish journey through the pulpits of psychosis. Featuring seven tracks of chaos, disease and sonic corruption, The Deification is arguably Mories’ most potent offering yet. Notes Don’t Count On It Reviews: “In the past, this project from Mories has been used as a sort of vehicle for black metal pushed into the realms of extreme dissonance and chaos, but this album is perhaps the most frustrating thing he’s released under this name thus far. The songs jump between interesting and progressive riffs and outright guitar dissonance, with some black metal tremolo parts connecting the two. The guitars are just all over the place and are more than a little overwhelming especially combined with the bass which pops out numerous times in all of these tracks, providing even more strangeness to the chaos the guitars bring. At times it reminds me a lot of mid-period Blut Aus Nord, but faster, while other times it sounds closer to what Krallice might sound like on crack… The whole thing is delivered at this hysterical level of intensity and rarely relents to allow you the opportunity to get a breath in…”

The Deification is currently through Transcendental Creations. Order your copy HERE.