DARK BUDDHA RISING: Cvlt Nation Streams II EP From Psychedelic Doom Collective; Record To See Release Via Neurot Recordings This Friday + Waste Of Space Orchestra Collaboration To Open Main Stage Of Roadburn

Photo by Maija Lahtinen

The Finnish psychedelic doom practitioners in DARK BUDDHA RISING will drop the kaleidoscopic riff rituals of their II EP via Neurot Recordings this Friday.

Cvlt Nation is currently streaming the record in full noting, “this band creates music that is a portal into an alternative space and time where creative freedom is the Sun that nurtures our imagination to flourish.”

Hear the immersive sounds of II, courtesy of Cvlt Nation, at THIS LOCATION.

II will see release on CD and vinyl formats via Neurot Recordings on April 20th. For preorder bundles visit THIS LOCATION.

Ten years since the release of their earth-rupturing I opus, II continues to traverse ancient, spiritual planes, opening up a vortex with their sonic thunder, and following calls from beyond, in search of deeper truths and meaning. Even the song titles elude to this, the band noting their reference to, “offering oneself to the guidance from beyond all transitory phenomena.” On the surface, DARK BUDDHA RISING emits the darkest of psychedelia, yet deep down, their sounds are forged in the blue fires of the ancients, exhalations of gods, goddesses, and demons alike.

II sees DARK BUDDHA RISING‘s return to its purest incarnation: a three-piece rhythm section – J.Rämänen on drums, P. Rämänen on bass, and V. Ajomo on guitar – with J. Saarivuori on synths and M. Neuman on main vocals. “We have done a full cycle of the orbit and now is the time for gravitational slingshot towards the new dimensions in sound, deliverance and vision,” notes Ajomo.

Writes Louder Sound of the recording, “The band, down in their dark dwelling, confront horrors most intangible and foul, that they might overcome them, seeking strength and rejuvenation. DARK BUDDHA RISING are not an entity that requires much analysis – to do so would be to defeat their objective of getting you outside of your head, stripping away the layers of your corporeal self; your awareness of your physical and intellectual existence on this earthly plane. Attune in, turn off, and space out.” Grizzly Butts notes, “[DARK BUDDHA RISING has] built upon the methodology of Inversum with further layered vocals and a mid-paced collective motion, a step outside of sludge’s typically colliding layers, to achieve a new sort of monolithic sludge riff centered sound. This central motion is hard to describe outside of a tribal rhythmic psychedelic ritual jam achieved in grandiose unison,” further elaborating, “‘Mahathgata I’ the first of two movements is entirely in service of the riff and it’s heady drifts in and out of heaviness are heightened by a seeming chorus of chanteuses invoking some unknown darkness. ‘Mahathgata II’ serves as an inverted HU chant instead invoking darkness into form through ringing guitar sustain and caterwauling voices that build from a hum to a horror of screams.” Wonderbox Metal observes, “Containing two tracks lasting twenty-six minutes, this release is full of droning doom that weaves a certain type of darkness into its psychedelic and hypnotically-performed delivery.” Adds Astral Noize, “Over their ten-year career, DARK BUDDHA RISING have taken their own (left-hand) path into progressive, ritualistic doom metal. Taking influence from Candlemass, Goatsnake, and Tool in equal measure, this Finnish ensemble has developed a complex and diverse sound that ranges from restrained, mathy jams to thundering, churning waves of drone. Their appetite for source material extends to their aesthetic too, where occult symbols are overlapped and aphorisms bent to serve their users. On their newest release, II, growling organ is married to howling blackened screams over a traditionally simplistic doom riff; a powerful impression to be sure.”

For a decade, DARK BUDDHA RISING has convened in the now-famous Wastement studio space, set below their home city of Tampere, Finland, to roil in the sounds of the underground, to meet dark spirits, to breathe in time with rhythmic pulses sent from the skies, the stars, and the very dirt around them. From this thriving community, a new commission has been born between DARK BUDDHA RISING and Oranssi Pazuzu who will perform a new concept piece exclusively at Roadburn Festival 2018 on April 19th, this collaboration named WASTE OF SPACE ORCHESTRA. See all confirmed live ceremonies below.

4/19/2018 Roadburn Festival – Tilburg, NL (as WASTE OF SPACE ORCHESTRA)
6/06/2018 Saint Helen Festival 2018 – München, DE
8/15-18/2018 Dark Bombastic Evening – Alba Iulia, RO