COWARDS Metal Hammer Premieres “Beyond My Hands” From Impending Sophomore LP

The online entity of colossal metal rag, Metal Hammer, has premiered the latest single from French quintet, COWARDS, off of their impending sophomore LP, Rise To Infamy.

Rise To Infamy nears release with Throatruiner Records & RVINS Records producing the 12″ LP version and Deadlight Entertainment handling the digipak CD, with the physical formats set for release on February 9th, and a digital release of the album set to be unleashed just weeks prior. Those who have evaded the crushing throatpunch the Parisian act’s track premieres thus far may not escape the suffocating crush of the record’s fourth movement, “Beyond My Hands,” now playing at Metal Hammer, who issues of the track, “If you’re a fan of having your ears pummeled into dust and vocals so harsh you have to wonder if their frontman moonlights as a glass eater. Punishingly beautiful.”

“Beyond My Hands” will crush your larynx RIGHT HERE.

Stand by for an official video for “Bend The Knee” to join COWARDS in their ongoing propaganda campaign preceding Rise To Infamy, which includes the previously released “Birth Of The Sadistic Son” HERE, a trailer featuring the track “Frustration (Is My Girl)” HERE, videos from the Rise To Infamy sessions HERE and more.

Carrying a deep, oppressive urban coldness behind their spectacularly crushing wall of sound, which stabs blackened sludge metal savagery into the band’s Holy Terror/H8000 inspired-hardcore, the levels of aggression spilled on Rise To Infamy are difficult to endure. Everything COWARDS has been managed to capture here is meant to inflict maximum aural damage, recorded by trusted engineer Francis Caste at Sainte Marthe Studio (Arkhon Infaustus, Eibon, Kickback), their monstrous tones sounding colder and more massive than ever. This is nothing but a monument of down-to-earth, unvarnished violence, punishing from start to finish.