CHILD BITE: New Psalm From Detroit Noise Rock Eccentrics Playing At No Clean Singing; Housecore-bound LP Release Draws Near


The music kicks your reptile brain into gear, provoking the desire to stomp and spasm, while it tears up your higher faculties and scatters them to the wind. It’s an amalgam of punk, noise rock, and hallucinogens that will get its claws in you, like the ones bearing in on that fetus on the album cover. Very cool.” – No Clean Singing

In just two weeks, Negative Noise, the impending new full-length from Detroit noise rock eccentrics, CHILD BITE, will see official unveiling via Housecore Records. A forty-seven-minute pulsing ball of energy filled with furious jabs and paranoia-fueled explosions, Negative Noise is a fully-realized vision, inside and out.

As a precursor to its release, today the ear bleeders at No Clean Singing hurl forth fifth movement, “Video Blood.” Issues vocalist Shawn Knight of the track, “‘Video Blood’ is a bit different from the rest of the batch. We wanted to counter the more complicated tunes on Negative Noise by having some simpler ones. Everything from the bass lines to the repetitive lyrics to the overall structure are paired down from what we tend to do. Lyrically, it’s about violence in entertainment. It’s the antithesis of thinking that these types of films and games are bad for kids; my stance in the song is that it’s good to be exposed and desensitized to that stuff. It has as much to do with the PMRC/Parental Advisory stickers as it does Columbine as it does that scene in A Clockwork Orange where Malcolm McDowell has his eyes forced open. Obviously, my references are of immediate relevance. All kidding aside, it can be summed up by this line from the song; ‘Artificial violence satisfies the dark urges within.'”

Adds No Clean Singing, “Rippling guitar melody goes hand-in-hand with skittering noises; beefy bass notes partner with booming drum beats; dissonant arpeggios writhe and shriek; and Knight screams and declaims like a street-corner preacher.”

Sample the twisted tirades of at THIS LOCATION where you’ll also find a stream of “Born A Hog,” initially premiered at Decibel and “Vermin Mentality,” which appears on the Berserker III compilation.

In support of Negative Noise the perpetually road-bound sound misfits recently confirmed shows next month opening for the mighty Voivod alongside labelmates King Parrot with additional onstage debauchery to be announced in the coming weeks. The latest run of dates follows the band’s recent tour supporting hardcore punk legends Poison Idea as well as a performance at the third edition of Berserker fest, organized by Knight and his wife Veronica.

CHILD BITE w/ Voivod, King Parrot:
5/26/2016 Marquis Theatre – Denver CO
5/28/2016 Vinyl (Hard Rock Cafe) – Las Vegas, NV
6/02/2016 The Whiskey – Los Angeles, CA
6/11/2016 El Corazon – Seattle, WA
6/13/2016 Rickshaw Theatre – Vancouver, BC
6/16/2016 Starlite Room – Edmonton, AB

Among the first to review the offering, No Clean Singing notes, “the most striking feature about Negative Noise, is the unpretentious yet top-notch musicianship. Every instrument functions independently, but the group is certainly a sum greater than its parts. The barrage of the music may lead the listener to overlook all the impressive guitar and bass runs peppered throughout each and every song. The drums hammer out the most hairpin turns with utmost precision, and the vocals never seem to lose their way during the assaults…Negative Noise possesses a brilliance and individuality all its own and is a refreshing breath of fetid air in an era saturated with a d-beat-only approach to punk and hardcore.” In another advance investigation of the record, Two Guys Metal Reviews crowns CHILD BITE, “one of the most exciting bands in rock and roll today,” further elaborating, “the simple fact of the matter is that no one out there really sounds anything like CHILD BITE. They have managed to cultivate a very distinct aesthetic – one that feels almost Arthur Todd Brown-esque at times. CHILD BITE certainly aren’t for everyone, but they never really tried to be. Instead, the band’s Mike Patton-y magic and weird arrangements make fans of all that is bizarre go wild. The balance between dark and light, madness and restraint and all that that entails becomes overwhelmingly powerful. CHILD BITE are revolutionizing metal in their own small way and the sooner you acknowledge this the quicker you will fall in love.”

What began as a thoughtful-yet-spazzy art rock band in a Detroit suburb has now fully mutated into an aggressive, dissonant blend of all things punk, hardcore, sludge, surf, prog rock, noise rock and metal; a truly unique voice in a sea of copycats. Indeed, CHILD BITE have succeeded in creating a singular expression, therefore carving out their own place in the current musical landscape. They are perfectly comfortable not fitting in… and are beginning to realize that they never had a choice. Negative Noise is where the Venn diagram of Black Flag, Voivod and The Jesus Lizard truly overlaps. Negative Noise was produced by label head Philip H. Anselmo and features artwork by vocalist Shawn Knight.

With twelve tracks of the bands distinct brand of chaotic, noisy apocalyptic sound Negative Noise represents all the weirdness that has made CHILD BITE so great over their hard years on the road.

CHILD BITE‘s Negative Noise will be released via Housecore Records on April 1st, 2016.


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