BUCKSHOT FACELIFT To Play Grinding For A Cure Benefit This Weekend

Huntington, Long Island grindcore contortionists BUCKSHOT FACELIFT continue to mow down live audiences throughout the Long Island and NYC region with their sawed-off, point-blank explosiveness and gnarly stage banter.

Following a slew of shows throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan and Long Island over the past two months since the release of their intimidating Elder’s Rasp 11″, this Sunday, April 14th, BUCKSHOT FACELIFT will take part in Grinding For A Cure — a benefit to further research Alzheimer’s Disease — alongside ten other acts including The Communion, Mother Brain, Spirit Of St. Louis and more. New shows into June are being booked as well, with a bash on June 15th locked at ABC No Rio with The Communion and more. Check out more info below, and watch for more shows to be loaded into the chamber in the coming days.

4/14/2013 2628 Gerritson Ave – Brooklyn, NY @ Grinding For A Cure w/ Mother Brain, The Communion, Spirit Of St. Louis, Budd Dwyer, Intheshit, more
6/15/2013 ABC No Rio – New York, NY w/ The Communion

Since 2004 BUCKSHOT FACELIFT has infiltrated the underground with an abortive and explosive death/grind//hardcore hybrid, ripping through D.I.Y. venues throughout the Long Island and NYC region. In February the outfit unloaded their third full-length, the monstrous Elder’s Rasp, its sixteen tracks surging with their most torturous and discordant metallic hardcore/doom-influenced riffage to date, a more vomit-gurgling, deranged relative of Brutal Truth or Disassociate fused with mangled remnants of Discordance Axis or Deadguy. Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Keith Moore at Audio Playground in Ronkonkoma, Long Island, the band self-released Elder’s Rasp digitally as well as on 11″ vinyl in a vast array of color/splatter schemes, all hand-numbered, limited to 300 copies.

Unleash Elder’s Rasp in its disgusting, bestial entirety — tunes that “directly reflect the turmoil and stress of being a blue collar grindcore band marred by a dismal past of dead friends, alcohol, and distant women” — RIGHT HERE.

“In between blindingly fast blasting and sludgy breaks, what caught my ear the most were the basslines; far more advanced than hammering away at an octave or a fifth below the guitar, basslines were brimming with discordant chords and fills.” – Invisible Oranges

“Throughout its duration ‘Elder’s Rasp’ is a complete melting pot of styles and genres within genres. There is so much going on that it would be nigh on impossible to cover everything here, but needless to say it all comes together to make a pretty impressive package.” – The Sludgelord

“They’ve actually incorporated some complex melodies into their music, which isn’t common in grindcore. Also, every track isn’t at 150 miles per hour, which gives more character to this release. Down at their roots though, these dudes still fucking grind enough to take your face off! 10/10” – Destructive Music