BRUTAL REALTY, INC.: Multi-Award Winning Black Metal Film Unleashed Via Amazon Prime Video Direct In The US/UK

Touted as, “the world’s #1 black metal real estate comedy/horror short film of all time,” BRUTAL REALTY, INC. is now streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video Direct in the United States and United Kingdom. The film is available to Prime members at no additional cost to their membership or available to rent in SD/HD for $.99-1.99. Closed caption available!

Released in 2019, BRUTAL REALTY, INC. became a satanic sensation at genre festivals internationally, earning rave reviews and seven awards including twin wins for Best Kill! In the comedy/horror vein of What We Do In The Shadows, BRUTAL REALTY, INC. introduces The Summoner, a black metal demon who follows his unconventional dream of flipping houses in Beverly Hills. Directed by Erik Boccio, this hilarious and bloody short film stars Samhain and Ministry’s London May and features music by members of Pelican, Corrections House, and Lord Mantis.

Additional streaming territories are being pursued worldwide as well as a major motion picture. Horns up or horns down please write a review on Amazon!

Watch it NOW!

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“Hail Satan! A tribute to the Metal Gods! Euronymous would have enjoyed it.” — Jonas Akerlund (director, Lords Of Chaos)

“I love BRUTAL REALTY, INC.!” — Fred Armisen (actor; SNL, Portlandia)

“London May literally kills! It’s one funny-ass film!” — Randy Blythe (Lamb Of God)

“Hilarious, gory, and METAL!” — Bloody Disgusting

“Get ready for blood, violence, and a hearty dose of gothic belly laughs.” — Bill “Chop Top” Moseley (actor; Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Devil’s Rejects)

“London May destroys as The Summoner!” — Don Argott (director; Last Days Here, As The Palaces Burn)

“Really funny and outright weird! I liked it a lot!” – Jukka Vidgren (director; Heavy Trip)