BOWL ETHEREAL To Release 7-Inch Via Southern Lord This July

Strength in small numbers… BOWL ETHEREAL announces a new 7″ coming this Summer via Southern Lord. This release is an expansion of their digital-only Five Minutes debut which they gave away last year as a free download.

BOWL ETHEREAL is a duo from Virginia comprising Brian Metz (Amish Control Tower) on guitar, bass and production, and influential math metal luminary Pen Rollings (Honor Role, Breadwinner, Loincloth) on drums and arrangement/deconstruction duties.

On this Brad Boatright mastered self-titled 7″, BOWL ETHEREAL opts for brevity, offering six songs in six minutes (adding one more song to the original five). However, don’t let briefness belie their brawn; the band load each track with crushingly heavy riffs and sturdy rhythms, displaying absolute precision, where every drum beat, every guitar riff and every unexpected musical corner they turn is calculated for maximum impact. The resulting record might be short, but it is unpredictably dynamic and commanding, crying out for immediate consumption and repeated listens.

Bowl Ethereal will see North American release on July 22nd, limited to six-hundred copies worldwide. Preorders for North America are posted at Southern Lord’s main site HERE, as well as at their new European online store HERE.

Bowl Ethereal 7″ Track Listing:
1. Twenty Three Exciter Dreams
2. Initial Nutrient Receptacle
3. God’s Damned
4. Cryonic Slumber
5. The Last Minute
6. The Sixth Sickener