BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS: Revolver Premieres Cover Of Hellhammer’s “Triumph Of Death” By Scathing German Sludge Act

BSON live-1 [photo by Florian Schneider -][photo by Florian Schneider –]

As Germany’s most contemptuous, harsh sludge act, BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS, prepares to pollute the inhabitants of this planet with their vile Carrier 2xLP, Revolver Magazine has let loose the album’s ode to Hellhammer, and the band’s lumbering cover of “Triumph Of Death.”

Part of what helps the band stand apart from the pack is their incredible amplification and deployment tactics. At the massive rehearsal complex they inhabit, once BSON begins playing, their monumental volume makes it simply impossible for all other acts at the compound to continue playing, even in their own studio spaces. Nobody books practice the same night as BSON now. Additionally, vocalist Malte Seidel uses old East-German laryngeal tank-driver microphones, attached to his larynx from the outside, with a special pre-amp built for them, which powers a custom full stack of amplification.

The fourth massive BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS studio effort, Carrier transfers more than fifty minutes of the band’s contagion into the population through six massive tracks, magnified by the hand of mastering engineer Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin. Those diehard to the works Corrupted, Ufomammut, Graves At Sea, Burning Witch, Grief, Grime, labelmates Obelyskkh, and similar slow-motion sludge metal terror should undoubtedly prioritize Carrier.

Crank your volume knob fully clockwise to the BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS cover of Hellhammer’s “Triumph Of Death” via Revolver at THIS LOCATION.

Also check out a recent PureGrainAudio gear feature on Malte Seidel’s insane vocal setup HERE, and stream the album’s punishing “Facepunch Transport Layer” at Noisey HERE.

Carrier will see its traumatizing release through Exile On Mainstream on March 18th, 2016. Details for all formats of the record and preorders have been issued; the CD and massive 2xLP available stateside via Earsplit Distro HERE, and internationally, Exile On Mainstream has the CD HERE, the vinyl HERE, and the digital at iTunes HERE.