BEDSORE / MORTAL INCARNATION Split Out Now Digitally On 20 Buck Spin And Streaming In Its Entirety

Italy’s BEDSORE and Japan’s MORTAL INCARNATION, two bands separated by continents, come together for a split release packed with fresh and intense death metal energy, with each band contributing a single epic length track.

BEDSORE seamlessly melds astral black metal, technical death metal, and ‘70s progressive straight out of a planetarium laser show. Witness the rapid evolution of a band with a seemingly infinite trajectory of creativity and imagination. On the sixteen-plus-minute journey of “Shapes From Beyond The Veil Of Stars And Space,” BEDSORE continuously twists into unconventional new directions of cinematic cosmic vastness.

With the drums recorded by Guglielmo Nodari at the Snakes Studio, the instruments and vocals recorded by Jacopo Gianmaria Pepe and Stefano Allegretti, and the material re-amped, mixed, and mastered by Damian Herring at Subterranean Watchtower Studios, “Shapes From Beyond The Veil Of Stars And Space” also features a guest guitar solo by Garrett Johnson of labelmates VoidCeremony.

On the B-side, Japan’s MORTAL INCARNATION presents “In The Perpetual Torment Of Recurrence,” a massive fourteen-plus-minute track of bludgeoning inventive death metal with shards of doom despondency that rivals and sits equally beside the top bands of the style worldwide. Simply one of the best pure death metal tracks that will be heard in 2022.

With the drums and bass recorded by Tankanori Kubo at the Studio Chaosk, and the guitars and vocals recorded by Shimpei Miura and Kaito Wada, “In The Perpetual Torment Of Recurrence” was re-amped, mixed, and mastered by Damian Herring at Subterranean Watchtower Studios.

This international split between two fast-rising and innovative death metal bands was completed with artwork by Manuel Tinnemans (Misthyrming, Necros Christos, Wrathprayer), and is a must-hear for fans of Oranssi Pazuzu, Abigor, Morbus Chron, Sweven, Horrendous, Spectral Voice, Disembowelment, and Corrupted.

Stream the BEDSORE / MORTAL INCARNATION split now at YouTube HERE and Bandcamp HERE as well as through all other digital providers.

20 Buck Spin has surprise-released the BEDSORE / MORTAL INCARNATION split digitally today, while launching preorders for the CD and cassette versions of the album at the label webshop HERE and Bandcamp HERE. A vinyl pressing will see release September 30th; stand by for updates and preorders to post shortly.

Track Listing:
1. BEDSORE – Shapes From Beyond The Veil Of Stars And Space
2. MORTAL INCARNATION – In The Perpetual Torment Of Recurrence

BEDSORE has announced a May European tour with Cryptic Shift, which includes dates with US outfits Suffering Hour, Haunter, and others, and sees the bands playing at Kill-town Death Fest and more.

BEDSORE w/ Cryptic Shift:
5/07/2022 Freakout Club – Bologna, IT w/ Suffering Hour, Haunter
5/08/2022 The Viper Room – Vienna, AT w/ Suffering Hour, Haunter
5/09/2022 Robot – Budapest, HU w/ Suffering Hour, Haunter
5/10/2022 Club Wakuum – Graz, AT
5/11/2022 Kochareal – Zurich, CH
5/12/2022 Altherax – Nice, FR
5/13/2022 Sala Utopia – Zaragoza, ES
5/14/2022 Razzmatazz 3 – Barcelona, ES
5/15/2022 Le Showcase – Angouléme, FR
5/16/2022 La Scene Michelet – Nantes, FR
5/17/2022 Music City – Antwerp, BE
5/18/2022 Baroeg Rotterdam, NL w/ Suffering Hour, Haunter
5/19/2022 Sauna Klub – Wolfsburg, DE
5/20/2022 HQ – Aarhus, DK @ Kill-town Death Fest Decay In May w/ Suffering Hour, Haunter
5/21/2022 Pumpehuset – Copenhagen, DK @ Kill-town Death Fest Decay In May w/ Suffering Hour, Haunter

Jacopo Gianmaria Pepe – vocals, guitars
Stefano Allegretti – guitars, synths, organ, keyboards
Giulio Rimoli – bass, fretless bass
Davide Itri – drums

Shimpei Miura – vocals, guitars
Kaito Wada – guitars
Ryosuke Yamamoto – bass
Keita Mishima – drums

BEDSORE by Francesco Maria Pepe