BANGLADEAFY: Technical Bass/Drums NYC Duo To Issue Narcopaloma Through Nefarious Industries In August

IMG_1008a_BANGLADEAFY_2016_web [photo by Nick Spadafora][photo by Nick Spadafora]

Closing a three-year gap since their bewildering The Briefcase EP left jaws swinging, NYC-based BANGLADEAFY returns with their ripping new set of tunes encapsulated on Narcopaloma.

The origin of the BANGLADEAFY moniker fuses the Bangladeshi heritage of drummer Atif Haq with the physical hearing impairment of bassist/pianist/vocalist Jon Ehlers – the multi-instrumentalist and his two sisters having been born with sensorineural hearing loss, rendering him virtually deaf his entire life. Yet this thought would never cross your mind, as the duo interlopes endless runs and rhythms with intense time changes and otherworldly texture with utter seamlessness.

Delivering BANGLADEAFY‘s manic, tech-mangled, bass and drum-driven delivery comes writhing forth with even more deft precision and brain-warping arrangements than ever on the seven new tracks the Narcopaloma EP bears. Progressive fusion meets cyber annihilation in brutalizing grooves that take the listener by the throat and drag one through a psychotic 8-bit video game holocaust. The synth elements that have steadily permeated the outfit’s works more with each release, Narcopaloma is drenched in random doses of keys, including segueing each track with washes of ambiance, adding even more waves of perplexing awesomeness to the record. And while the BANGLADEAFY output is heavily instrumental by nature, Narcopaloma is virtually void of any vocal utterances.

With Atif Haq’s drums being recorded by Mike Gatto, and all bass, samplers, and keys tracked by Jon Ehlers, Narcopaloma was engineered and mixed by Jonathan Vergara at Pancake Studios, and completed with photography by Brian Bonelli and art design by Kaptain Carbon. The EP is being finalized for release on CD and digital formats through the band’s cohorts at Nefarious Industries on August 26th; preorders, audio samples, and much more on the EP will be released over the next several weeks.

BANGLADEAFY has booked a Brooklyn record release show on August 25th, with many other live announcements to be expected throughout the year.

In May, BANGLADEAFY supported The Dillinger Escape Plan; see their full set, including tracks from the new EP right HERE.

The band is also already currently immersed in the writing process for their next release, as the band furiously closes their time off the grid with an impending tsunami of new music and shows ahead.


Narcopaloma Track Listing:
1. Discovery
2. Termites
3. Act Like An Adult
4. Tundra Suntan
5. Crimes At Sea
6. Say It With Your Chest
7. Trillionaire

8/25/2016 Sunnyvale – Brooklyn, NY w/ Husbandry, Spotlights, Geometers

Jon Ehlers – bass, synths, programming
Atif Haq – Drums