AUTHOR & PUNISHER: Second Installment Of Live Video Series Posted At Cvlt Nation; New Onstage Punishments Announced

Today the crypt keepers at Cvlt Nation unearth the second installment of twisted live visuals from AUTHOR & PUNISHER. Captured during a recent excursion supporting Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals, The Technicians Of Distortion Tour marked the first time AUTHOR & PUNISHER draftsman Tristan Shone combined abstract film footage with his soul-swallowing slabs of mechanical doom.

The videos merge actual projections from A&P‘s performance at The Fillmore in Silver Springs, Maryland with additional found footage, effects and a live feed from three separate cameras mounted in and around the setup making for a startlingly provocative audio/visual experience.

Gouge out your eyeholes with the cinematic trauma, courtesy of Cvlt Nation, RIGHT HERE.

Tristan Shone will return to the stage with another live run of industrialized ear lashings beginning today in San Diego with additional live punishments to be announced in the coming weeks. Confirmed dates thus far are listed below.

AUTHOR & PUNISHER – Live Punishments:
10/03/2013 Bancroft – San Diego, CA w/ Dead Ghosts, Widower, Destroyer of Light
10/06/2013 The Joint – Los Angeles, CA w/ Secrets of the Sky, Children
10/18/2013 The Alhambra Theatre (formerly Mt Tabor Theater) – Portland, OR w/ cEvin Key (Skinny Puppy), Vince Clarke (Depeche Mode), Martin Rev (Suicide) + more
10/19/2013 The Black Lodge – Seattle, WA w/ Gaytheist, Making Fuck
11/12/2013 Soda Bar – San Diego, CA w/ The Body

AUTHOR & PUNISHER‘s Women & Children full-length was released earlier this year via Seventh Rule Recordings. Iconoclastic in the truest sense of the word, Shone relies on cold steel and soulless machinery to sonically replicate the despondency of life. Described most succinctly as “industrial doom,” this one-man project utilizes primarily custom designed and fabricated machines and speakers, devices that draw heavily on aspects of industrial automation and robotics and focus upon the eroticism of interaction with machine. The machines are designed to require significant force from the performer, aligning he/she with the plodding doom-influenced sounds that are created.

“…a powerful and chilling piece of music…” – Metal Injection

AUTHOR & PUNISHER have somehow managed to create an industrial album that is not just destructive, but also has its emotive side. With this alchemy of the machinists, it might just be that in Tristan Shone we have found a new stratospheric colossus of sound.” – Scene Point Blank

“Once again the envelope has been pushed, the box stepped outside of and the tenants of doom and Industrial have been refracted through the prism of the mind of a true innovator and they sound all the better for it.” – The Sleeping Shaman

“Women & Children is a record that wants to hurt you and never stops probing your psyche for a weak spot.” – Exclaim

“Shone’s apocalyptic noise blends elements of industrial, doom, and dubstep, and contorts that mass into some chilling, unrecognizable form…” – Stereogum

“…an all-consuming trip into the realm of mental destruction that amazes with its potent use of musical machinery… Both greatly daring and innovative, the record is destined to be one of the most coveted underground releases of the year.” – Sputnik Music

“…a remarkably bleak and sinister record that explores the depressive and psychedelic in entirely new ways.” – HeavyBlogIsHeavy

“Traces of doom, dubstep, industrial, noise, and honest-to-goodness pop show up within Shone’s best songs. His music is immediate but mysterious, a chimera that’s recognizable but strange.” – Pitchfork

AUTHOR & PUNISHER’s Women & Children is currently available via Seventh Rule Recordings. Order your copy at
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