AURVANDIL: New Track Stream Available Via Gun Shy Assassin

Today, Gun Shy Assassin is hosting an exclusive stream of AURVANDIL‘s “End Of An Age,” the second track from French black metal project’s Yearning full-length, released earlier this week via Germany’s Eisenwald Recordings.

AURVANDIL was created in MMVI as a spontaneous, scornful, hatred-driven catharsis. Now the yonder beckons, and AURVANDIL yearns. For the eternal night; for solitude; for Gaïa. For total extinction! Heralding the Northern spirit once more, the debut album Yearning stands as a cold, harsh manifest of what once was, an ode to spite and a reflection of somber, melancholic hatred.

To check out “End Of An Age,” point your browser HERE.

Aurvandil – Strings, Voices, Craft
Wiedergaenger – Thunderous Scorn (Session)
Also appearing:
The Austrasian Goat – Chthonic pulse on “Prelude,” voices of Scorn

AURVANDIL have crafted black metal that doesn’t sound like it issues from a claustrophobic, dripping basement, rather it’s suited to being played in a forest thicket or even on a mountain top.” —

“From the outset of Yearning and its acoustic/pagan opening to the powerful blastbeats and the scathing vocals, I think that most black metal fans will thoroughly enjoy what AURVANDIL brings to the table with Yearning. They truly are more than your traditional black metal band…” — Wicked Channel

AURVANDIL‘s vocal restraint is also a point of interest here: they don’t appear to be a central focus point for the band, and even when they do appear, these whispering screams are so buried in the mix that they almost seem an afterthought. Yet, this unorthodoxy is what makes Yearning so special and intriguing a listen…” — Metal Army America

“…if the sun is beating down and really pissing you off and you are craving darkness, and the cold icy touch of winter this should go down a treat.” — Metal Team UK