ARCHGOAT + BLUT AUS NORD Coming This November From Debemur Morti Productions; RÊX MÜNDI Out Now!

ARCHGOAT – Heavenly Vulva (Christ’s Last Rites)

Release Date: November 1, 2011

ARCHGOAT‘s new mini-album Heavenly Vulva (Christ’s Last Rites) goes straight for the throat of the self-proclaimed messiah and his wretched mother. Featuring six trademark God-slaying tracks torn directly from the Virgin’s violated womb, this brand new EP is gloriously crude, divinely tumultuous and deliciously deviant, as we have come to expect from the filthy, fearless Finn black crusaders. Defiled, invasive unsanctified black/death delivered in a corrupt, vile and demonic fashion, these anti-epiphanies embed themselves in the sacred flesh, spilling blood from the demised dog’s quivering body, funeral bells chiming as paradise is ransacked and the deceptive lie of centuries is exposed. Pounding, ripping, gurgling and mocking, the truth reveals itself. Blood-soaked, battered and humiliated, the deposed former denizens of Heaven cower in a corner. A frantic, blasphemous onslaught on the blind, deluded fraud-worshippers and knee-bending whoremongers who follow the path of the Liar!

BLUT AUS NORD – 777 – The Desanctification

Release Date: November 15, 2011

And so comes to pass the second chapter in BLUT AUS NORD‘s 777 trilogy – The Desanctification. Having prophesised impending disaster on the predecessor, 777 – Sect(s), BLUT AUS NORD moves deeper into a nightmare realm of reality. This new work illustrates the precise moment when man finds himself embraced in frightening, almost unbearable solitude in a deconstructed world void of all material and spiritual elements. 777 – The Desanctification captures the shocking aftermath of mankind’s liberation from the constraints of culture, history and superstition; he is freed of idols but now stands alone in a massive, empty universe. Devoid of emotion, without purpose or reason. It’s a terrifying place to be, yet, as modern man, we all reside here. With political, religious and philosophical power negated – and time (our great companion) annihilated – the celestial being is stripped bare, reality altered amid irreversible illumination. Unmistakably BLUT AUS NORD, 777 – The Desanctification is typically swarming, manic and cascading but also more ambient and atmospheric than 777 – Sect(s). With speed and violence eschewed in favor of morose moods and unsettling soundscapes, this journey is meditative, trancelike and intriguing. Are you ready to be desanctified?



Commanding the legions, RÊX MÃœNDI‘s ominous incantations inflict divine fury on mankind, proclaiming the imminent downfall of our ignorant race. For too long, man — weighed down by unnatural (crippling) beliefs and codes — has wandered aimlessly, lost to the world, oblivious of purpose; now he is dragged through gateways of filth, along pathways of pestilence, stripped of grace and flesh. Damned by intellectual apathy and blinded by spiritual catharsis, we experience illumination through darkness, enlightenment via the path of fiery serpents, salvation through wisdom … a mystical awakening to the truth. Laced with religious texts, themes and subplots, the mysterious music on IHVH is raw, ancient black metal of the highest caliber, conjuring occult sciences from sacred seals to impart secret wisdom and provide a more truthful account of God’s alleged interaction with man. Imbued with surreal cinematic scope and blessed with a unique, crushing atmosphere, RÊX MÃœNDI unleashes a potent debut, marking them out as natural heirs to an unhallowed throne.