ANAGNORISIS: Louisville Black Metal Act Releases First Single From Peripeteia LP With “5306 Morningside” Premiere At Decibel Magazine


Leading Midwest US black metal collective ANAGNORISIS has issued the first public single from their impending third full-length album, Peripeteia, which is set for release in late October. The exclusive premiere of the album’s expansive “5306 Morningside” through Decibel Magazine.

ANAGNORISISPeripeteia is an honest and passionate autobiography of vocalist, and now protagonist, Zachary Kerr. The themes in the album have no apparent beginning or end as the record is composed to infinitely loop, repeating the dramatic emotions we all encounter in our own lives. Peripeteia is a story thirty years in the making, told through the heart-breaking lens of audio tapes from Kerr’s childhood, spliced throughout the album.

Kerr offers of the new track, “‘5306 Morningside’ envelops many forms of significance in Peripeteia: it was the address of my childhood home, the foundation of what I believed a family was to be surmised of, and a place of both great sadness and soaring joy. A home to childhood luster and youthful perspective, innocence that would eventually be set to trial, as I try to pick apart the pieces of my own destruction. In its ashes, as memories fade, I now sort the accountability for the path I’ve traveled, and unveil those that misled me along the way. It was the catalyst of creation to the tapes that my parents had the foresight to record; the tapes that we’ve been able to create this timeline with and the starting point in my own personal peripeteia. My most vivid memories of my late father live here, and it’s where I go – this audio of memories we’ve created – to find him and come to terms with pasts unfinished. Peripeteia is one consecutive work that deserves to be digested as a whole, as it was written with specific intent; So take this track as just a fragment of a much larger picture.”

Stream ANAGNORISIS’ expansive “5306 Morningside” only at Decibel RIGHT HERE.

Peripeteia will see release on LP and CD through Berlin-based Vendetta Records, cassettes through Yehonala Tapes (Europe) and Like Young Records (US). The CD, cassette, and digital versions will be issued worldwide on October 21st; colored LP preorders launch the same day ahead of the LP’s November 15th street date.

ANAGNORISIS is also preparing to announce an extensive tour in support of Peripeteia, with the final dates being confirmed now. Stand by for details to be issued in the coming days.

What started as a cathartic effort by Kerr in 2013 – ANAGNORISIS‘ previous LP Beyond All Light – is finished with raw emotion in the form of Peripeteia, which serves as both the prequel (tracks 1-5) and sequel (tracks 6-8) to the critically acclaimed 2013 release. The new album evolves key musical themes from Beyond All Light in a skillful, operatic way. Black metal continues to be the dominant genre with guitarist and songwriter Zak Denham crafting the music and production of the record. The album is rounded out by bassist Josh Mumford and keyboardist Samuel Hartman, who also contributes alto saxophone to the record. For drums, the group tapped ÄŒerná and Boreworm drummer Cody McCoy to contribute.

Anagnorisis Peripeteia LP