An Official Statement From Regain Records

Due to misleading rumors being spread through God Seed’s MySpace page regarding the bankruptcy of Regain Records, we would like to clarify to all who have contacted us recently that Regain Records is not in bankruptcy.

We would also like to make clear that the dispute that concerns Live In Grieghallen only involves Tom Cato Visnes (aka King Ov Hell), Regain Records and Entertainment AB, since a settlement with Kristian Espedal (aka Gaahl) was already reached in 2009. The legal outcome of this trial has no bearing on Regain Records nor does it influence our future in any way. It is also incorrect that Regain Records owes any unpaid royalties to Tom Cato Visnes or Kristian Espedal.

Furthermore, Regain Records is very content with the fact that we are still working with the band GORGOROTH and the fact that we choose to support the rightful owner of the trademark, namely Roger Tiegs (aka Infernus). This has always been our main priority during the various legal proceedings which have involved GORGOROTH in one way or another.

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